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Manuals are 8-1/2" x 5-3/4, spiral-bound and include review questions at the end of each section. Handbooks are 5-3/4" x 3-3/4", soft-bound and perfect as a toolbox reference.


Our affordable, yet technically in-depth, training manuals can be used as a complete self-directed training system or as text for instructor-lead training programs addressing a broad range of maintenance and skills-related topics.

Each manual addresses a logical range of related topics in one book, eliminating the need for large numbers of expensive, single-topic workbooks or textbooks. All topics are treated in sufficient depth to enhance the skills of working maintenance professionals while at the same time being appropriate for introductory courses.

All books are heavily illustrated and include a variety of useful tables, charts and other reference data. All individual sections include 20-40 review questions. A separate answer key is provided.

In addition to their training application, these manuals, through their wealth of technical data, organization and convenient format, will become practical toolbox or desktop references on the job, once training has been completed.

Written in Canada as a standard text for apprenticeship programs by IPT Publishing, over 300,000 of these proven books are in circulation. Smaller, handbook-size versions of the same material are also available for even more convenient field use.

These affordable, technically-rich manuals are the foundation of many hands-on courses provided with DAC training devices. They can also be purchased separately, independent of our training devices, to be used as a text with courses of your design or to create the ultimate maintenance reference library.

Used widely within maintenance departments, industrial maintenance training programs as well as within the educational setting, these practical informative books will make learning more efficient, productive and meaningful.


  • Convenient 6" x 8" spiral-bound format allows for desktop or toolbox use.
  • An economical alternative to cumbersome and expensive single-topic training programs.
  • Expansive and in-depth treatment of all topics (each book is 450-500 pages).
  • Detailed table of contents/index allows for ease in finding topics of interest.
  • Offers data in both English and Metric units (English is primary).
  • Heavily illustrated and based upon the most current technology, terminology and information.
  • All books contain many useful tables of technical data.
  • Each section includes 20-40 review questions. (Answers provided separately.)
  • Many manuals form the foundation of DAC hands-on courses. See our "DAC Training System Page" description and or individual product descriptions for additional information.
  • Available from stock, with same-day shipment in most cases.


These handy, yet informative, toolbox-size reference books are identical in content to their respective larger spiral-bound manuals. Handbooks do not, however, include sectional review questions or the associated answer key.

The books collectively represent the ultimate technical library for the industrial maintenance professional. Often, when using the larger training manuals as a classroom text, the student is give this inexpensive version as a lasting, convenient reference upon completion of the course.

Whether used by the one-man "Jack-of-all-trades maintenance specialist or as a standard reference for large multi-craft maintenance departments, these in-depth books will help improve performance and deepen skills with a minimal investment.


  • Content and detail as outlined for training manuals.
  • Permanently bound.
  • Convenient size of 3-3/4" x 5-3/4".
  • Economical enough to be purchased in quantity.
  • Available from stock with same day shipment in most cases.

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 510-000 Industrial Trades Training Manual (Mechanical)
 510-001 Industrial Trades Handbook

 520-000 Metal Trades Training Manual (Steel Fabrication)
 520-001 Metal Trades Handbook

 530-000 Pipe Trades Training Manual (Pipefitting)
 530-001 Pipe Trades Handbook

 534-000 Industrial Hydraulics Training Manual
 534-001 Industrial Hydraulics Handbook

 540-000 Industrial Fasteners Training Manual (Fasteners)
 540-001 Industrial Fasteners Handbook

 550-000 Crane and Rigging Training Manual (Rigging)
 550-001 Crane and Rigging Handbook

 560-000 Electrical Trades Training Manual (Electrical)
 560-001 Electrical Trades Handbook

 570-000 Rotating Equipment Training Manual (PPM)
 570-001 Rotating Equipment Handbook

 590-000 Safety First Training Manual
 590-001 Safety First Handbook

 594-000 Guide To Industrial Blueprint Interpretation

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