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DAC training aids are designed to provide a realistic, "industrial-grade" learning experience. Each device is designed to be used in a variety of configurations and support a broad range of exercises.

All devices have the "look" and "feel" of real equipment. Full-size, industrial quality components are included. All devices have been developed based on the input of our industrial maintenance customers.

Each device, while allowing for a range of related learning experiences, is task-specific. In this way several topics can be taught simultaneously, and a complete program can be developed over time, according to your training priorities and budget.

In general, each device has been created to provide the student with enough realistic experience to be able to immediately perform effectively in the field.

Please visit our individual product group areas in order to learn more about specific products.

Belt Drive Trainer, #201


Our mechanical product line includes a wide array of devices addressing power transmission topics such as bearings, belts, gears, chain and coupling alignment. Additionally, we offer a host of products relating to process plant equipment such as pumps, valves, heat exchangers, and steam traps. Please visit our Mechanical Products area to learn more.

PLC Trainer, #463


Our electrical product offering includes a complete range of product types, from theory-focused devices relating to basic electronics and electricity to practical topics such as industrial motors and motor control. Many DAC electrical products can be integrated with our mechanical products to create simulated manufacturing systems. Please visit our Electrical Products area to learn more.

Basic Process Control Trainer, #601


Our process control products are designed with an "open architecture" allowing for customization to match your specific instrument and control preferences. The line, originally developed by General Physics Corporation, allows for a broad range of realistic, industrial-quality, experiments. Please visit our Instrumentation and Process Control Product area to learn more.

Pneumatics Trainer, Advanced, #752


Our fluid power product line offers several levels of training equipment relating to hydraulics and pneumatics. Many devices can be integrated with other DAC products related to mechanical and electrical topics. Please visit our Fluid Power Product area to learn more.

Photo of Exercise


Our training system consists of a course guide, called "The Link", maintenance-related textbooks, training hardware and associated, task-orientd, performance-based exercises. Please visit our Training System page to learn more.

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