Electrical Maintenance Fundamentals

This hands-on training course introduces the student to basic electrical theory using the DAC Electricity and Electronics Trainer. After completion of this introductory material the student continues either to a course in digital electronics or motors and motor control using the Electrical Troubleshooting Trainer. Finally realistic motor and motor control exercises are performed using the DAC series #410 and #420 motor and motor control trainers. Following task-specific training, combined exercises can be undertaken, incorporating mechanical drives on the Electromechanical Integration Bench. All motor and motor control elements can be used independently or they can be mounted directly on the bench. Electrical elements are supported by the IPT Electrical Trades Training Manual and the Electric Motor Repair Manual.


 Introduction to Electricity/Electronics (DAC Hardware, Workbook, CBT Course, Video)
 (4)  #401  Electricity/Electronics Trainer  
 (12)  #401-500  Student Manual  
 (1)  #401-503  Computer-Based Course  
 (1)  #050-E10  Videos, Three-part Series Titled "Multimeters Explained" (Bergwall)  
 (1)  #050-E12  Videos, Four-part Series Relating to Symbols, Theory and Meters (Bergwall)  
 (1)  #050-E16  Videos, Four-part Series Titled "Basic DC Circuits" (Bergwall)  
 (1)  #050-E17  Videos, Five-part Series Titled "Alternating Circuit Fundamentals (Bergwall)  
 Digital Electronics (DAC Hardware, Workbook)
 (1)  #403  Digital Electronics Trainer  
 (4)  #403-001  Student Tool and Component Kit  
 (4)  #403-500  Student Manual, Additional  
 AC Motors (DAC Hardware, IPT Books, Video)
 (1)  #410  Split-Phase, Capacitor Start, AC Motor  
 (1)  #411  Permanent Split Capacitor Start, (PSC)AC Motor  
 (1)  #412  Three-Phase, Squirrel Cage Rotor, AC Motor  
 (1)  #413  Three-Phase, Wound Rotor AC Motor  
 (1)  #419  Motor Loading Device  
 (2)  #410-001  Digital Multimeter  
 (1)  #410-002  Non-contact Tachometer  
 (12)  #560-MAN  Electrical Trades Training Manual  
 (6)  #562-MAN  Electric Motor Repair Manual (Rosenberg/Hand)  
 (1)  #070-2007  Videos, Five-part Series Relating To Motor Maintenance and Troubleshooting (USA Training)  
 (1)  #070-2400  Video Relating To Electrical Safety (USA Training)  
 AC Motor Control (DAC Hardware, Textbook, Video)
 (1)  #420  Single-Phase Manual Starter  
 (1)  #421  Single-Phase Magnetic Starter  
 (1)  #422  Three-Phase Manual Starter  
 (1)  #423  Three-Phase Magnetic Starter  
 (1)  #424  Three-Phase Magnetic Starter w/Low Voltage Control Circuit  
 (1)  #425  Solid-State Motor Starter  
 (1)  #428  Piloting Switch Module  
 (2)  #419  Motor Loading Device  
 (3)  #410-001  Portable Digital Multimeter  
 (6) #562-MAN  Electric Motor Repair Manual (Rosenberg/Hand)  
 (1)  #060-3010-8  Video, Eight-part Series Relating To Motor Control (Coastal)  
 AC Motor Control Troubleshooting (DAC Hardware, Textbook)
 (1)  #440  Electrical Troubleshooting Trainer  
 (6)  #440-500  Student Manual, Additional  
 DC Motors (DAC Hardware, IPT Books, Video)
 (1)  #415  Shunt Wound, DC Motor  
 (1)  #416  Compound, Cumulatively Wound, DC Motor  
 (1)  #417  Permanent Magnet, DC Motor  
 (1)  #410-001  Portable Digital Multimeter  
 (1)  #410-002  Non-Contact Tachometer  
 DC Motor Control (DAC Hardware)
 (1)  #426  DC Drive Control Trainer  

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