Fluid Power Maintenance Fundamentals

This hands-on course of study introduces the student to basic industrial hydraulic and pneumatic systems, hands-on. Using the DAC #702 and #752 trainers the student is introduced to the principles, application, physical properties, and basic maintenance of fluid power systems. All components are full-size and of industrial quality. Connections are made using industrial-grade tubing with quick-disconnects. Each training aid is supported by a dedicated student manual and instructor guide.


 Introduction to Fluid Power (Video)
 (1)  #060-P09  Video, Titled "Introduction to Hydraulics and Pneumatics" (IBT)  
 Fluid Power Safety (Video)
 (1)  #060-1070  Video, Titled "Hydraulic Systems Safety" (Coastal)  
 (1)  #060-3060  Video, Tilted "Working Safely with Pneumatic Systems" (Coastal)  
 Hydraulics (DAC Hardware, Workbook, Video)
 (2)  #702  Hydraulics Trainer, Advanced  
 (2)  #702-001  Mobile Base Cabinet  
 (1)  #702-003  Hydraulic Pump System w/5 Gal Reservoir  
 (1)  #702-004  Connecting Work Surface  
 (12)  #702-500  Additional Manual/Workbook  
 (1)  #060-HD1-7  Videos, Seven-part Series Relating To Hydraulics (Coastal)  
 (1)  #704  Hydraulic Component Cutaway Assortment  
 Pneumatics (DAC Hardware, Workbook, Video)
 (2)  #752  Pneumatics Trainer, Advanced  
 (2)  #752-001  Mobile Base Cabinet  
 (1)  #752-002  Compressor System (mounts inside cabinet)  
 (1)  #752-004  Connecting Work Surface  
 (12)  #752-500  Additional Manual/Workbook  
 (1)  #060-301-7  Videos, Eight-Part Series Relating to Pneumatics (Coastal)  
 (1)  #754  Pneumatic Component Cutaway Assortment  

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The laboratory outline above should not be interpreted as our standard, fixed offering. We would be happy to adjust quantities, equipment selections and optional equipment to better match your needs. We would also be happy to provide a fully-detailed, firm-price proposal for your review.

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