Instrumentation & Process Control Fundamentals

This course of study provides the student with a basic introduction to instrumentation and process control as found in a petrochemical plant, refinery or power plant. An introductory, lecture-type course is supported by the DAC PID Process Control Trainer. Realistic exercises are then undertaken on one of four process trainers outfitted for temperature, pressure, level, and flow. These training aids can then be interconnected, allowing for more complex process systems. Additionally, a calibration bench is provided to facilitate training in instrument calibration. The courses are supported by a four-volume set of reference textbooks on process control and measurement, a textbook, videos, and exercise guides for each device.


 Introduction to Process System Control (Video)
 (1)  #060-1010  Video, Titled "Process Control Basics" (Coastal)  
 Introduction to Measurement and Calibration (DAC Hardware, Video)
 (1)  #615  I & C Calibration Bench  
 (1)  #615-001  Panel-mounted Digital Multimeter and Calibrator  
 (1)  #080-581-3  Videos, Three-part Series Relating to Calibration of Level, Pressure, Flow and Temperature Instruments (ISA)  
 Introduction to PID Control (DAC Hardware, Workbook, Video)
 (1)  #610  PID Process Control Trainer  
 (1)  #610-001  Two-Pen Chart Recorder  
 (1)  #610-002  Signal Generator  
 (1)  #080-272-3  Video, Titled "Basic Automatic Process Control" (ISA)  
 (1)  #080-232-1  Video, Titled "Digital Controllers" (ISA)  
 (1)  #080-221-1  Video, Titled "Controllers, Indicators and Recorders" (ISA)  
 (1)  #080-222-1  Video, Titled "Tuning" (ISA)  
 Measurement and Control of Process Systems (DAC Hardware, Textbook, Exercise Guide, Video)
 (1)  #601  Process Trainer, Basic (Outfitted for Flow)  
 (1)  #601-002 Standard Instrument and Control Package (for flow)   
 (1) #601-007  PLC Control Interface Panel  
 (1)  #601-501  Four-part Textbook Series on Process Measurement & Control (General Physics) (Reference)  
 (1)  #581-HBK  The Condensed Handbook of Measurement and Control (Battikha) (Reference)  
 (1)  #582-MAN  Measurement and Control Basics (Hughes) (Reference)  
 (1)  #583-MAN  Fundamentals of Process Control Theory (Murrill) (Reference)  
 (12)  #584-MAN  Textbook, Process Control Instrumentation Control Technology (Johnson)  
 (1)  #080-467-4  Video Relating to Flow Measurement (ISA)  
 (1)  #601  Process Trainer, Basic (Outfitted for Level)  
 (1)  #601-003  Standard Instrument and Control Package (for level)  
 (1)  #601-007 PLC Control Interface Panel  
 (1)  #080-467-3  Video Relating to Level Measurement (ISA)  
 (1)  #601  Process Trainer, Basic (Outfitted for Pressure)  
 (1)  #601-004  Standard Instrument and Control Package (for pressure)  
 (1)  #601-007  PLC Control Interface Panel  
 (1)  #080-467-2  Video Relating to Pressure Measurement (ISA)  
 (1)  #602  Process Trainer, Temperature  
 (1)  #602-001 Standard Instrument and Control Package (for temperature)  
 (1)  #603-006  Standard Test and Calibration Equipment Package (for flow, level, pressure and temperature)  
 (1)  #602-007  PLC Control Interface Panel  
 (1)  #080-467-1  Video Relating to Temperature Measurement (ISA)  

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