Mechanical Maintenance Fundamentals

This hands-on course of study introduces the student to common mechanical drive systems found in industry. The Fundamentals of Mechanisms Trainer introduces the student to basic concepts such as force, work, power and mechanical advantage as well as components such as levers, inclined planes, pulleys, gears, chains, cams and linkages. After completion of this introductory material the student proceeds to six individual modules relating to belt drives, bearings, gears, chain drives, couplings/coupling alignment and cams/mechanisms. Each module includes realistic hands-on exercises using components of industrial quality. Following task-specific training, combined exercises relating to troubleshooting or preventive/predictive maintenance can be performed using the DAC Electromechanical Integration Bench. All elements are supported by the IPT Industrial Trades Training Manual.


 Introduction to Mechanical Systems (DAC Hardware, Video)
 (2)  #853  Fundamentals of Mechanisms Trainer  
 (10)  #853-500  Additional Student Manual  
 (1)  #853-503  Computer-Based Instructional Software  
 (1)  #099-P01  Video Titled "Fundamentals of Power Transmission" (IBT)  
 Belt Drive Maintenance (DAC Hardware, IPT Books, Video)
 (2)  #201  Belt Drive Trainer  
 (2)  #201-002  Wedge Belt Set  
 (2)  #208-015  Magnetic Base/Dial Indicator Set  
 (2)  #208-002  Shim Kit, Economy  
 (1)  #099-001  Video on the Installation and Maintenance of Belt Drives (IBT)  
 (1)  #099-003  Video on the Installation and Sheave Bushings (IBT)  
 (4)  #510-000  IPT Industrial Trades Training Manual  
 Bearing Maintenance (DAC Hardware, IPT Books, Video)
 (2)  #204E  Bearing Maintenance Trainer, Extended  
 (2)  #204-001  Basic Tool Kit  
 (1)  #204-002  Bearing Heater (cone type)  
 (1)  #030-024  Video on Ball Bearing Maintenance and Installation (Majec)  
 (1)  #030-025  Video on Spherical Roller Bearing Installation & Maintenance (Majec)  
 (4)  #510-000  IPT Industrial Trades Training Manual  
 Gear Maintenance (DAC Hardware, IPT Books, Video)
 (2)  #205  Gear Maintenance Trainer  
 (2)  #205-001  Tool Kit  
 (2)  #208-015  Magnetic Base/Dial Indicator Set  
 (1)  #070-4522  Video (2 tapes) on Gear Box Maintenance (USA Training)  
 (4)  #510-000  IPT Industrial Trades Training Manual  
 Chain Drive Maintenance (DAC Hardware, IPT Books, Video)
 (2)  #223  Chain Drive Trainer  
 (1)  #223-001  Heavy Series Chain and Sprocket Set  
 (1)  #223-003  Silent Chain and Sprocket Set  
 (2)  #208-002  Shim Kit, Economy  
 (1)  #099-002  Video on Chain Drives (IBT)  
 (4)  #510-000  Industrial Trades Training Manual  
 Coupling/Shaft Alignment (DAC Hardware, IPT Books, Video)
 (2)  #208  Coupling/Shaft Alignment Trainer  
 (2)  #208-001  Alignment Tool Kit  
 (2)  #208-003  Standard Shim Kit  
 (2)  #208-005  Steel Grid Coupling  
 (2)  #208-007  Elastomeric Element Coupling  
 (1)  #208-012  Chain-Type Coupling  
 (1)  #208-013  Universal Joint Coupling  
 (1)  #208-014  Jaw and Spider Coupling  
 (2)  #208-015  Magnetic Base/Dial Indicator Set  
 (1)  #208-008  Video on Coupling Alignment Using the Rim and Face Method  
 (4)  #510-000  IPT Industrial Trades Training Manual  
Introduction to Cams and Mechanisms (DAC Hardware)
 (2)  #222  Cams and Mechanisms Accessory   
 Combined Mechanical Drive Systems (DAC Hardware)
 (2)  #905  Electromechanical Integration Bench  
 (2)  #224 Conveyor Accessory  
 (2)  #905-002  Power Module  
 (2)  #905-003  Motor, C-face.  
 (2)  #905-419  Motor Load Device.  
 (2) #210-003 Right Angle Drive Accessory  
 (2) #220-000 Brake/Clutch Accessory  
 (2) #210-001 Hand Tool Set  

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