Manufacturing Control Technologies

This unique course of study addresses integrated control systems found in modern manufacturing facilities. Rather than being simply a course on PLCs, it is intended to be a realistic systems-based approach to today's automated machinery. To be used most effectively it should follow basic training in mechanical, electrical, and fluid power fundamentals. Training begins with introductory courses in PLCs and sensors and culminates in combined control and troubleshooting training using the DAC Manufacturing Control System Trainer. While all elements can be offered individually, the strength of the system is the creation of an understanding of how modern individual control technologies work together. Additional elements relating to DC drives, servo motors, and stepper motors can be added. All individual elements are supported by student workbooks and instructor guides. Use guides are provided for integrated applications.

 Introduction to Industrial PLCs (DAC Hardware, Workbook, Coastal Video)
 (2)  #461M  PLC Trainer, Fundamentals, MicroLogix  
 (1)  #461-001  Programming Software and Computer Interface  
 (12)  #461-500  Student Manual  
 (1)  #060-C01-5  Videos, Five-Part Video Series Relating to PLCs (Coastal)  
 (3)  #463  PLC Trainer, SLC-500  
 (3)  #463-001  On-Line/Off-Line Programming Software (Requires Computer)  
 (1)  #463-002  Hand-Held Programming Terminal  
 (12)  #463-003  Additional Laboratory Manual  
 (3)  #463-004  Computer-Based Training Module  
 Advanced PLCs and PLC Applications (DAC Hardware, Workbook)
 (1)  #471  PLC Material Handling Application Module  
 (4)  #471-500  Student Manual  
 (1)  #472  PLC Ancillary Device Module  
 (4)  #472-500  Student Manual  
 (1)  #473  PLC Process Control Application  
 (4)  #473-500  Student Manual  
 AC Variable Speed Drives (DAC Hardware, Workbook, CBT Training Module)
 (2)  #429  AC Variable Speed Drive Trainer  
 (8)  #429-500  Student Manual  
 Industrial Sensors, Introduction (DAC Hardware, Workbook)
 (2)  #431  Sensors Trainer, Fundamentals  
 (8)  #431-500  Student Manual, Additional  
 Integrated Manufacturing Control Systems
 (1)  #475  Manufacturing Control System Package  
 We design and integrate a customized manufacturing system to match your training needs or educational goals. The finished system will include a continuous process, and will incorporate, motor control, pneumatics, relays, PLCs, sensors, a conveyor, AC drives, and mechanical applications. Many components used as individual training elements in other modules we be used. Please call for samples of past installations, options, and pricing.

Pricing - Options - Variations
The laboratory outline above should not be interpreted as our standard, fixed offering. We would be happy to adjust quantities, equipment selections and optional equipment to better match your needs. We would also be happy to provide a fully-detailed, firm-price proposal for your review.

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