Mechanical Maintenance For The Process Industries

This hands-on course expands the basic mechanical maintenance course of study to include maintenance of common mechanical equipment found in chemical plants, refineries, and power plants. Individual realistic training elements are offered relating to flange bolt torquing, pump maintenance, valve maintenance, steam trap maintenance and basic process equipment such as heat exchangers and distillation columns. Each module includes realistic hands-on exercises using components of industrial quality. Modules are supported by the IPT Industrial Fasteners, Pipe Trades and Metal Trades Training Manuals.


 Flange Bolt Torquing (DAC Hardware, IPT Books, Video)
 (2)  #226  Flange Bolt Torquing Fixture Set  
 (4)  #226-002  Click-Type Torque Wrench (student wrench)  
 (2)  #226-004  (16) Additional Synthetic Fiber Gaskets (raised face)  
 (2)  #226-005  (8) Additional Flexitallic Gaskets  
 (2)  #226-006  Can "Spray Lube"  
 (1)  #226-008  (12) Additional Laminated Pocket Instruction Cards on Torquing  
 (1)  #010-1206  Video on Torquing Flanges (Marshall Productions)  
 (4)  #540-000  IPT Industrial Fasteners Training Manual  
 Centrifugal Pump Maintenance (DAC Hardware, Video)
 (2)  #275  Pump Maintenance Trainer  
 (1)  #275-001  Standard Packing Tool Assortment  
 (1)  #275-004  John Crane Type 1 Mechanical "Non-Pusher" Seal w/Elastomer Bellows  
 (1)  #275-005  John Crane Type 8 Mechanical "Pusher" Seal (o-ring type)  
 (1)  #275-006  John Crane Type 115 Metal Bellows Seal  
 (1)  #010-802  Video on Centrifugal Pump Maintenance (Marshall Productions)  
 (1)  #010-804  Video on Mechanical Seal Installation (Marshall Productions)  
 (1)  #277  Pump Cavitation Demonstrator  
 (1)  #277-001  Extended Pipe Spool Assortment  
 (1)  #070-2502  Video on Centrifugal Pump Operation (USA Training)  
 Valve Maintenance (DAC Hardware, IPT Books, Video)
 (1)  #271  Valve Assortment (Extended)  
 (1)  #270-001  Video Titled "An Introduction to Valves, Actuators, and Control Valves" (VMA)  
 (1)  #070-4512  Videos, four-part series relating to gate, globe, control and diaphragm valves (USA Training)  
 (1)  #070-4518  Videos, two-part series relating to safety relief valves (USA Training)  
 (6)  #530-000  IPT Pipe Trades Training Manual  
 (6)  #532-HBK  The Valve Primer (Stojkov)  
 (2)  #250  Valve Packing Demonstrator  
 (4)  #250-002  Bulk Braided Packing (5 ft spool)  
 (1)  #250-004  Babbitt Foil Packing (15 ft spool)  
 (1)  #250-006  Complete "Live-Loading" Package  
 (1)  #250-007  Video on Live-Loading (Chesterton)  
 (1)  #070-4507-1  Video relating to valve packing (USA Training)  
 (1)  (1)  Commercial Surface Specimen (thumb nail block)  
 Steam Trap Maintenance (DAC Hardware, Video)
 (1)  #274  Steam Trap Cutaway Assortment  
 (1)  #070-4511-3  Video relating to bucket, bellows and impulse trap maintenance (USA Training)  
 (1)  #000-088  Self Directed Course Titled "Steam Traps, Testing Practices" (Job Training Systems)  
 (1)  #000-091  As Above, Titled "Steam Traps, Installation"  
 (1)  #000-102  As Above, Titled "Steam Traps, Trouble-shooting"  
 (1)  #000-104  As Above, Titled "Steam Traps, Disc Steam Traps"  
 (1) #000-105   As Above, Titled "Steam Traps, Thermostatic"  
 (1)  #000-106  As Above Titled "Steam Traps, Float & Thermostatic"  
 (1)  #000-107  As Above, Titled "Steam Traps, Inverted Bucket"  
 (1)  #000-111  As Above, Titled "Steam Traps, Impulse"  
 (1)  #000-131  As Above, Titled "Steam Traps, Introduction"  
 Basic Process Equipment (DAC Hardware, IPT Books, Video)
 (1)  #285  U-Tube Heat Exchanger Model  
 (1)  #286  Multi-Pass Fixed Tube Sheet Heat Exchanger Model  
 (1)  #070-2506  Video relating to the design, maintenance and operation of heat exchangers (USA Training)  
 (6)  #520-000  IPT Metal Trades Training Manual  
 (1)  #290  Distillation Column Model  
 (1)  #091-017-9  Video (3 Tapes) related to distillation (Hughes)  
 (1)  #291  Fired Heater Model  

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