562-MAN Electric Motor Repair


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This recently revised and enlarged text on motors and motor controls, written by Robert Rosenberg and August Hand, is used within several DAC hands-on training programs relating to industrial motor and motor control troubleshooting.

Designed as a practical, rather than a theoretical, book on the subject, it is an excellent reference for the troubleshooter or repair technician.

The unique, two-piece format includes side-by-side text sections and illustration sections. The illustration section includes over 900 illustrations. Both AC and DC motors/controls are covered. The unique format eliminates constantly "flipping" through the book to match text with associated or referenced figures.

The 349-page text section includes study questions, an extensive index and appendix area, and a vast amount of material relating to introductory theory, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

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  • Capacitor Motors
  • Repulsion-Type Motors
  • Three-Phase Motors
  • Alternating Current Motor Control
  • Direct Current Armature Winding
  • Direct Current Motors
  • Direct Current Motor Control
  • Universal Shaded-Pole, and Fan Motors
  • Direct-Current Generators; Synchronous Motors and Generators; Synchros; and Three-Phase Wound-Rotor Induction Motors
  • Solid-State Motor Control
  • Appendix
  • Study Questions
  • Index

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