#096-002 SMB-000/00 Maintenance, Training, and Troubleshooting Guide CD-ROM


Limititorque Illustration


This recently produced CD-ROM training program and troubleshooting guide, relating to the Limitorque motorized valve actuator, includes hundreds of animations illustrating the working concepts and maintenance procedures for this common valve actuator.

The complete 6-unit course guides the student through material relating to the device's electric power train, manual power train, mechanical subassemblies, housing, electric controls, and maintenance procedures. A final test is also provided. The 50 individual procedures included relate to assembly, disassembly, and position switch settings.

A troubleshooting/repair guide incorporating a symptoms menu is also provided.

This self-directed training system represents an economical, yet in-depth, guide to this fundamental piece of power plant and process plant equipment.

What You Will Learn

  • How to properly set limit and torque switches.
  • How to correctly disassemble and assemble SMB-000's and 00's.
  • How to perform proper preventive maintenance.
  • How to identify the "root cause" of MOV failure.
  • How to avoid common downtime causes.
  • How to efficiently troubleshoot.
  • The operating principles of Limitorque actuators.

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