Process Control Trainer, Downsized


DAC #601D Process Trainer

This economical, yet realistic, device incorporates the primary functional features of our standard, #601 Process Trainer, Basic, in a space-saving, and flexible package. Allowing for training relating to both field installation and calibration of instruments, and basic control principles, it can be used within a variety of instrumentation, and process technology programs.

The trainer allows control loops to be configured employing feedback, feed-forward, and cascade control methods. Variable demand and supply disturbances are easily inserted using solenoid valves in combination with metered ball valves. This arrangement provides step-change disturbances for performing and verifying controller turning.

The standard device includes an industrial quality PID controller, differential pressure transmitter, I/P converter and three-valve manifold, allowing for exercises in pressure, level and flow without the need for supplemental or optional equipment. The device's "open architecture" allows for the installation of a broad range of optional equipment to expand the device's usefulness, whether purchased with the device or at a later date.

The level tank and piping are transparent, allowing visual inspection of the process. Air supply regulators, and an I/P converter are mounted on the primary frame for convenience. The controller, standard 24 VDC power supply, control relays, and electrical protective devices are located in an independent control module, which tethers to the device. This control module incorporates 19" rack panels for standard instruments and optional devices.

Most importantly, the training aid can be outfitted with an wide variety of optional or user-supplied controls and instruments in order to address site-specific training needs.

DAC #601D Process Trainer

 DAC #601D Control Module


  • 7 Ga., formed-steel, powder-coated baseplate.
  • Welded and powder-coated steel structural frame.
  • Laminate-covered front panel face.
  • Clear acrylic process tank, 6 gallon.
  • Polyethylene primary reservoir, 14 gallon.
  • Transparent, schedule 80, PVC piping and fittings.
  • Quick-connect instrument mounting taps on process tank, pump, and at orifice plate flange locations.
  • Two, solenoid valves one at control valve by-pass and one at tank drain, allowing for creation of flow disturbances.
  • Industrial-quality diaphragm-operated control valve.
  • Variable-area flow meter (rotameter).
  • Provision for mounting optional flow measurement instruments at three pipe spool locations.
  • Provision for mounting optional pipe spools for experiments related to the flow of liquids through pipe fittings and pipe networks.
  • Two flange/orifice plate mounting locations (two orifice plates provided).
  • Two level switches, and one pressure switch, allowing for discrete control arrangements.
  • Industrial-quality, ½ hp., centrifugal pump.
  • Re-positionable mounting stanchion, allowing for instrument mounting and elevation adjustment.
  • Baseplate-mounted, air supply panel including two pressure gauges, two regulators, I/P converter, applicable quick-connect fittings, and banana-jack patch panel.
  • Tethered, control module, incorporating fuses, 24 VDC power supply, pump/solenoid relays, motor control, GFI circuit protector, conversion resistors, pump/solenoid control switches, PID controller, three 110 VDC power outlets, and provision for optional AC drive and strip chart recorder.
  • Fully-functional, industrial PID controller.
  • Industrial-quality differential pressure transmitter.
  • Stainless steel 3-valve manifold.
  • Industrial I/P (signal to pressure) converter.
  • Overall size of 22"W x 81"L x 43"H (225 lbs.).
  • Crating for shipment via motor freight.


  • Measure and control flow with a range of 0-15 G.P.M.
  • Measure and control pressure with a range of 0-30 PSI.
  • Measure and control level with a range of 0-17.
  • Compatible with a wide range of instruments and controls.
  • Easily modifiable to incorporate unique operating features and control/measuring equipment.


  • We offer a wide variety of optional equipment to expand the usefulness of this product including:
  • Chart recorders, alternate pressure and differential pressure transmitters, from many manufacturers.
  • Alternate PID controllers, PLC interface kits and expanded relay packages.
  • Alternate level instruments such as ultrasonic level detectors, bubbler assemblies, capacitance-type flow transmitters and alternate level switch configurations.
  • Alternate flow instruments such as pitot tube assemblies, venturi tube assemblies, coriolis effect transmitters, turbine-type flow meters, paddle type flow meters, and turbine-type flow meters.
  • Supplemental controlling elements including valve positioners, motorized valves and AC drives.
  • Supplemental physics apparatus including components to studying the flow of liquid through pipe fittings and pipe networks.
  • Convenience options such a castor sets, castor/leg sets and mounting tables.
  • Test and calibration equipment such as portable and panel-mounted calibrators, pressure calibrators, deadweight testers and test gauges.

Please contact us regarding detailed specifications, options, pricing and custom applications.

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