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Cutaways offer the ultimate method of allowing the student to "See How It Works."

Strategically positioned cutaways allow the full internal configuration of complex equipment to be unveiled, eliminating the mystery of "What's Inside?"

Through careful cutaway positioning, fastener locations and structural integrity can be maintained allowing for normal disassembly and maintenance.

Color coding, plastic covers and replacement parts can be added to enhance visibility and further facilitate the learning experience.

We offer this service based on your specifications, on equipment supplied by you or located and purchased by us.

Screw Pump Cutaway   Centrifugal Pump Cutaway
Cutaway of a screw-type pump.   Cutaway of a centrifugal pump.
Ball Valve and Actuator Cutaway   Control Rod Drive Cutaway
Cutaway of a ball valve and actuator.   Cutaways of various control rod drive components.
Magnetic Pump Cutaway   Industrial Blower Cutaway
Cutaway of a magnetic-type centrifugal pump.   Cutaway of an industrial blower.
Woodward Governor Cutaway   Vertical Pump Cutaway
Cutaway of a Woodward governor.   Cutaway of a specialty vertical pump.

Please call to learn more about our cutaway design and fabrication services.

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