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Our experience in applying motions and controls using mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic technologies gives us the ability to replicate working equipment and systems to match your training requirements.

Our general familiarity with industrial systems, coupled with our "brain trust" of on-call engineers allows us to tackle unique training hardware requirements involving a broad range of technologies and industrial applications.

Again, we work from your course materials, operational information and technical data in order to develop a detailed scope and firm price proposal.

Oil Analysis Demonstrator   Journal Bearing Demonstrator
A working demonstrator used to illustrate oil contamination and analysis.   A training device relating to journal bearings, radial tilting pad bearings and thrust bearings.
4KV Breaker Trainer   600V Circuit Breaker Trainer
A 4KV circuit breaker trainer allowing for operation, calibration, testing and maintenance.   A 480/600V circuit breaker trainer, allowing for operation, testing and maintenance.
Large Custom Process Trainer   Woodward Governor Trainer
A large scale custom process control trainer, incorporating multiple loops and actual instruments and controls.   A working demonstrator of the over-speed trip control and governor system for a large diesel engine.
Maintenance Training Demonstrator  
A multi-use maintenance training device incorporating, mechanical, electrical and I&C maintenance tasks.  

Please call to learn more about our custom training aid and demonstrator design/build services.

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