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Our experience includes hundreds of full-size maintenance training mock-ups depicting large pumps, valves, compressors, specialty equipment, military apparatus and other mechanical equipment.

We assist you in developing an appropriate scope and in selecting materials appropriate for your training needs.

Projects of this type have been performed for the nuclear power, power, petrochemical, auto, industrial equipment, and military hardware industries.

With an in-house design group, machine shop and other facilities for fabricating in a broad range of materials, your project is never limited by our capabilities.

MSIV Valve Mock-up   Gear Box Mock-up
A full size "MSIV" or Main Steam Isolation Valve constructed for a nuclear utility.   A full size acrylic mock-up of a large gear box found in large radio telescopes, developed for a gear manufacturer.
Split Case Pump Mock-up   Transmission Mock-up
A full size mock-up of a multi-stage, split case pump manufactured for a mid-west utility.   A full size, plastic, working mock-up of a transmission for a leading fork truck manufacturer.
Recirculation Pump Mock-up   Coolant Pump Mock-up
A full size mock-up of the coupling and mechanical seal area of a large "recirculation" pump in a BWR nuclear plant.   A full size mock-up of the coupling and mechanical seal area of a large coolant pump in a PWR nuclear plant.
Check Valve Mock-up   Steam Generator Mock-up
A full size mock-up of a specialty check valve used in BWR type nuclear plants.   A full size, steel mock-up of a steam generator, designed and built for a nuclear utility in the Southwest.

Please call to learn more about our custom mock-up fabrication services.

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