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Often full-size replication of equipment and systems for training use is impractical due to cost or size. Our 15 year history of producing technical scale models for engineers, and marketing professionals can be put to use to address your training needs.

We assist you in developing a scale, level of detail, and materials to match your objectives and budget. Your project is undertaken using a project management approach, giving you direct access during all stages of your project's design, and development.

Possibilities include high fidelity models of extremely large equipment, fully-detailed models of complex process systems, and working models, incorporating motions and controls.

All work is undertaken on a firm price basis, using fully detailed proposals and for-approval drawings if appropriate.

Turbine/Generator Model   Feedwater Heater Model
A scale model of a turbine-generator set built for a major turbine manufacturer.   A scale model of a feedwater heater manufactured for a large southern utility.
Electrical Connector Models   Multi-Stage, Split Case Pump Model 
Enlarged size scale models of specialty electrical connectors.   A 1/2 size scale model of a large, multi-stage, split case pump.
Boiler Model   Reactor Vessel Model
A highly detailed scale model of a modern boiler, manufactured for a utility.   A large-scale, scale model of a PWR nuclear reactor vessel designed for maintenance training.
Recuperator Model   Drywell Model
A full-size working model of a "recuperator", a howitzer component.   A highly detailed scale model of a "drywell", the inner-most room of a nuclear plant.

Please call to learn more about our custom scale model fabrication services.

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