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Often due to a topic's conceptual nature, three-dimensional representation of a product or process in not possible. We manufacture and build custom interactive simulation devices to address unique technical training requirement.

We use a combination of custom circuit boards, computer controlled schemes and, where necessary, even custom wire-wrap technology to address your needs. Our designers and engineers can bring even the most complex systems to reality.

Our board creation, assembly, silk screening and sheet metal capabilities are used together to create a durable and professional product.

Review the sample projects that follow in order to better visualize the possibilities.

PLC Trainer Photo   Turbine Control Simulator
A specialized PLC trainer, developed for a government agency.   An electro-hydraulic turbine control system simulator.
Level Measurement Simulator   Turbine Control System Simulator
An advanced level measurement simulator, depicting control of level using a differential pressure detector and transmitter.   A simulator depicting an analog electro-hydraulic control system for a Westinghouse turbine.
Radiation Monitor Simulator  


A radiation monitor simulator, depicting an Eberline monitor.

Please call to learn more about our custom simulator design and fabrication services.

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