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Houston Lighting, Reactor Head/O-ring Seal Maintenance Mockup.


Houston Lighting, Photo #1

Houstom Lighting, Photo #2


Houston Lighting and Power Company, South Texas Project, came to us with a hands-on training challenge. Develop a realistic mock-up for training in reactor vessel head o-ring removal, inspection and installation. This need resulted from multiple past installation problems, whereby o-rings were crushed due to misalignment, improper housekeeping, and the misuse of a custom, L-shaped installation device.

Practice in the actual environment was out of the question due to a commitment to keeping radiation exposure "as low as reasonably achievable", component cost and the inherent dangers associated with manipulating the 15-foot diameter, extremely heavy, reactor vessel head unnecessarily.

Houston Lighting, Photo #3

Houston Lighing, Photo #4

The solution included accurately "mocking-up", in full-size, a portion of the reactor main flange and head flange using plywood, poplar and steel components, based on technical data supplied by the customer. A simulated o-ring and a duplicate aluminum installation tool were also created.

Subsequent training using the device has yielded quantifiable results. Workers now tackle the actual task with confidence and complete agreement on procedure.

To learn more about this project or DAC custom training aid services in general please call project manager Frank Sesko at 1-800-662-5877. Be sure to visit the Custom area of this site for more information on our custom training device design/build services.

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