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Hydro Automotive Structures - Custom PLC/Automation Training Lab


Hydro Automotive Structures - Photo 1

Hydro Automotive Structures - Photo 2


This training lab, developed for Hydro Automotive Structures of Holland, Michigan, represents a complete PLC/AC Drive training platform, custom designed to match the customer's unique needs. Using components from the DAC, #464 PLC Trainer, and standard DAC benches and control training model support structures, a complete, integrated system was created. Incorporating an Allen-Bradley, SLC-500, an A/B PLC/5, a Modicon PLC (not shown in photos), a PanelVue system and an A/B, AC Drive, the assembly incorporated all the major automation components found in their plant. All devices could be used as individual training elements, or combined to reflect systems found in the plant. The open area of the mounting bench allowed for incorporation of several DAC PLC Application Modules, as well as applications created by the customer.

Hydro Automotive Structures - Photo 3

Please feel free to call us regarding this unique project or our custom training device capabilities, in general. For more information on our custom training device services please visit the "Custom" area of this site.

Please call us regarding your custom training device needs at 1-800-662-5877.

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