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Square D Company, of Lincoln Nebraska, came to us with a problem. How to teach automated machine operators basic troubleshooting skills, in order to reduce downtime and minimize the need for calling on the maintenance department for minor machine problems.

The Lincoln Square D facility is the largest manufacturing plant producing circuit breakers in the US. While several product lines are highly automated, many others are made up of a series of dedicated, task or multi-task automated machines devoted to a particular stage of the process. These machines, often run by PLCs, assemble, weld, cut, and test subassemblies and total assemblies. Often run by a single operator, and including pneumatics, hydraulics, cams, sensors and task-specific tooling, these machines have a tendency to drift "out of wack" creating out-of-spec parts. Often, the fault is something simple; a loose fixture element, a bad sensor, a poorly adjusted pneumatic control valve, a re-positioned limit switch or a multitude of other small problems.

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With the goal of pre-qualifying operators with the right mechanical aptitude and to introduce the operator to applicable troubleshooting skills, DAC set about designing a custom training device which imbodied many of the motions, processes and components common in the plant. The device was to be designed to allow modification to create troubleshooting tests of many types. After two field visits, in-plant interviews, and many rolls of film, the essence of the new device developed. After a client review or two, a finished machine evolved. Review the accompanying photos to get a sense for the final solution. Please feel free to call us regarding this unique project or our custom training device capabilities, in general. For more information on our custom training device services please vist the "Custom" area of this site.

Please call us regarding your custom training device needs at 1-800-662-5877.

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