Residential Wiring Trainer


Residential Wiring Trainer, #402

This comprehensive training system facilitates training in the proper and safe installation of residential wiring circuits.

The training aid provides two realistic training environments. The front panelboard allows for complete wiring of a simulated five room house, where the emphasis is wiring multiple circuits within a complete system. A second training environment in the rear of the unit offers an actual three- dimensional stud wall room environment, where the student can undertake practical hands-on installation exercises. Here the emphasis is on using proper craft technique when installing Romex cable, BX cable, and thin-wall conduit in different circuit configurations.

The entire device operates at 12/24 VAC for safety. All components, excluding lights, are full-size commercial products.

This device represents a complete learning experience in basic house wiring for the apprentice electrician.


  • Hinged, knock-down construction allowing for convenient shipping and storage.
  • Mounts on any 30" x 60" shop bench or on an optional mounting table.
  • 24-Volt, 3-wire power supply (Creating 12 volt circuits).
  • Front panelboard fabricated using brushed aluminum laminate for durability, and to provide additional grounding system.
  • Individual rooms indicated by raised strips.
  • Provision for installing 36 wiring devices and lights (provided) using standardized stand-off clips (ground lug provided).
  • Room applications include a bedroom, closet, living room, kitchen/dining room, utility room, and bathroom.
  • Front panel components including: (4) switches, (2) 3-way switches, (2) 2-pole switches, (4) 20 amp receptacles, (10) 15 amp receptacles, (2) 250 volt receptacles, (11) 12 volt lights, (1) dimmer switch, (100') 14-gauge Romex, (25') 12-gauge Romex, and a service box with a selection of breakers including: (1) 20 amp GFI, (2) 20 amp/1 pole, (3) 15 amp/1 pole, (2) 15 amp/2 pole.
  • Three-dimensional stud wall installation environment including three walls and ceiling.
  • Stud wall components including: (4) 4" square outlet boxes with covers, (3) switch boxes with covers, (3) switches, (2) 3-way switches, (2) 20 amp 120 V receptacles, (6) 15 amp 120 V receptacles, (2) lights, (1) dimmer switch, (200') 14-gauge Romex cable, (50') 12-gauge Romex cable, (100') BX cable, (300') 14-gauge wire, (75') 12-gauge wire, (100') ½ EMT conduit, entrance bell switch, bell, bell wire, and transformer.
  • Overall size of 60"L x 30"D x 48"H (175 lbs.).
  • Crating for shipment via motor freight.

Please contact us regarding detailed specifications, options, pricing and custom applications.

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