Digital Electronics Trainer


Digital Electronics Trainer, #403

This comprehensive training system provides a complete introduction to digital electronic components and theory, useful in both self-paced and instructor-lead applications.

A series of student manuals consisting of 1500 pages, coupled with broad range of embedded and loose electronic components, allows for training in this fundamental technology, from the development of simple on/off circuits to the use and programming of programmable controllers.

All components necessary for use, including tools, are provided. The curriculum consists of 20 lessons, each with a background discussion of the topic, followed by a hands-on experiment, and a discussion of how the application would be applied in industry.

This training system will help make instruction in digital electronics more productive, efficient and memorable.


  • Comprehensive, table-top training center with many embedded components.
  • Introductory lessons conducted at 5 VDC, later lessons at 24 VAC for safety.
  • Internal power supply with breaker (with time delay).
  • Internal protection from short circuits created during student wiring (an audible tone sounds).
  • Panel-mounted and loose electronic components including: Logic monitor and integrated circuit tester with 24 bi-color LEDs and switches as well as (6) LEDs related to outputs from panel-mounted switches for clock, pulse, time base, gate time, R/C time constant and DC power; 8-Digit universal counter for measurement of frequency, ratio, unit count, and time interval; provision for installation of a wide range of resistors and capacitors; 10 MHZ crystal clock oscillator; gate control component area for applications relating to counts per unit of time; up/down 4-digit counter; hexadecimal data input keyboard; programmer with 8-bit programming counter; (24) switch-selectable resistors and (24) switch-selectable capacitors; (4) variable resistance potentiometers; pulse generator for introducing circuit delays; two push-wheel switches for building counter circuits; debounce panel with toggle switches; (3) plug-in breadboards providing up to 2500 connection points and accommodating up to (27) 14-pin ICs; one-bit industrial control unit; 40-pin Intel microprocessor; a variety of IC's and jumper wires.
  • Packaging for shipment via motor freight.
  • Overall size 20"W x 20"D x 15"H (50 lbs.).

Please contact us regarding detailed specifications, options, pricing and custom applications.

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