Motor Fundamentals Training System


DAC #411 PSC Motor Trainer

#410 Motor Trainer Panel Face

DAC #411 & #419 Motor Load Device 

#415 Shunt-wound DC Motor Trainer

DAC #426 Compound, Cumulatively Wound DC Motor Trainer

DAC #417 Permanent Magnet DC Motor Trainer 

This series of motor trainers, in combination with an optional motor loading device, allows for training in the operating characteristics, wiring options, maintenance, and fault troubleshooting of common industrial motors.

Each motor module includes a welded aluminum mounting baseplate, aluminum control box support structure, t-slotted motor mounting rails and a steel control enclosure.

All motor wiring is accomplished through banana jack receptacles on the control enclosure's panel face. Each unit comes with an appropriate digital voltmeter and ammeter. Four instructor fault switches are provided on the rear of each motor module.

An optional motor loading module attaches to each motor unit at a common centerline using a flexible coupling provided with the loading device. A clamping plate connects the corresponding t-slotted rails together as well as providing an attachment point for a clear coupling guard.

This series of devices, together, creates a complete laboratory in motor fundamentals, motor wiring, and fault troubleshooting.


  • Welded aluminum baseplate frame.
  • Provision for bench-top mounting.
  • T-slotted mounting rails allowing for mounting of 56-frame and 184T frame motors (56-frame standard).
  • 16-Gauge aluminum control enclosure support brackets.
  • Steel control/junction box enclosure with removable cover.
  • High-durability urethane coatings throughout.
  • Plastic gland with knockouts allowing for convenient attachment of alternate power sources and motor control wiring.
  • Keyed instructor power switch (at rear of control enclosure).
  • Large pilot light.
  • Master circuit breaker with provision for lock-out/tag-out. (Breaker not dependent on student wiring.)
  • Silkscreened panel face with identification of line and motor lead numbers.
  • Color-coded banana jack patch cord receptacles (matching motor lead colors and line wire colors).
  • Analog voltmeter and ammeter (switchable in three-phase application).
  • Permanent ground connecting all elements.
  • Enclosure cover safety interlock.
  • (4) Instructor fault switches (at rear of control box).
  • Large emergency stop switch.
  • All motors and associated enclosures can be mounted on, and integrated with, the DAC Electromechanical Integration Bench, #905.
  • Allows for attachment to DAC Motor Loading Device, #419.
  • Overall size 20"L x 18"W x 211/2"H (35-45 lbs.).
  • Crating for shipment via motor freight.


 #410  Split-phase, capacitor start, AC motor.
 #411  Permanent split capacitor start, (PSC) AC motor.
 #412  Three-phase, squirrel cage rotor, AC motor.
 #413  Three-phase, wound rotor AC motor.
 #414  Series wound, DC motor.
 #415  Shunt wound, DC motor.
 #416  Compound, cumulatively wound, DC motor.
 #417  Permanent magnet, DC motor
 #419  Motor loading device. (Industrial brake with controller.)

Please contact us regarding detailed specifications, options, pricing and custom applications.

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