Motor Control Fundamentals Training System


DAC #424 Motor Control Trainer

 DAC #425 Solid State Motor Starter Trainer

This modular system of motor control-related training devices allows for training in the operational principles, wiring, fault troubleshooting, and application of modern industrial motor controls.

Each motor control module includes a welded aluminum baseplate, steel controller support structure, t-slotted motor mounting rails and a steel control box.

All wiring is accomplished through banana jack connections on the control box front panel face, rather than directly between individual components.

The model #419 Motor Load Device, and the model #428 Piloting Switch Module can be integrated with all units through common motor centerlines and patch cord connections. Additionally, all products mount on the DAC #905 Electromechanical Bench and can easily be integrated with larger electro-mechanical systems.

This series of products, together, creates a complete flexible laboratory in common industrial motor control arrangements, useful within industrial training programs and within the educational setting.

DAC #424, #464, #428


  • Welded aluminum baseplate with provision for mounting 56-frame and 184T motor frame motors (56-frame is standard).
  • Provision for benchtop mounting.
  • 16-Gauge aluminum control box support brackets.
  • Steel control/junction box with removable cover.
  • High-durability urethane and powder coatings throughout (Motor mounting rails anodized).
  • Keyed instructor power switch (rear of control box).
  • Circuit breaker with provision for lock-out/tag-out.
  • Large pilot light.
  • DIN rail-type component mounting where appropriate.
  • Silkscreened panel face with graphic representation of component connection points, motor lead numbers and control wiring schematic..
  • Color-coded banana jack receptacles (matching motor lead colors, control connections, and line wires.
  • Permanent ground connecting all elements (Not dependent on student wiring).
  • (4) Instructor fault switches (rear).
  • Large emergency stop switch.
  • Control box cover safety interlock.
  • Allows for attachment to DAC Motor Loading Module, #419.
  • Allows for attachment to Piloting Switch Module, #428.
  • Motors, and control structure can be mounted on and integrated with the DAC Electromechanical Integration Bench, #905.
  • Overall size 20" L x 18"W x 21½" H (40-60 lbs.).
  • Individual crating for shipment via motor freight.

#424 Motrol Control Trainer, Panel Face

 DAC #419 Motor Loading Device

 #420 Single-phase manual starter.
Includes both single pole and double pole manual starters, for a fractional HP motor.
 #421 Single-phase magnetic starter.
Includes double pole magnetic starter with overload protection for fractional HP, 220 VAC motor.
 #422 3-Phase manual starter.
Includes both a 3-pole push-button and drum-type reversing switch for a fractional horsepower 208/230 VAC, 3-phase motor.
 #423 3-Phase magnetic starter.
Includes both reversing and a non-reversing starter applications (with overload protection), and switches for a fractional horsepower 220/440 VAC, 3-phase motor.
 #424 3-Phase magnetic starter with low voltage control circuit.
Includes a reduced-voltage control circuit and switch for an integral HP, 3-phase, AC motor.
 #425 Solid-state motor starter.
Includes a three-pole switch and a solid state starter, with provision for both constant current and ramp up current modes of operation (adjustable). Additionally the controller will adjust to input voltages from 115-600 VAC. Sized for a fractional horsepower 208/230 three-phase AC motor.
 #426 DC drive control.
Includes a dual voltage SCR speed controller, with forward-brake-reverse switch, on-off switch, and adjustments for; speed max/min, IR compensation and acceleration/deceleration time. 
 #428 Piloting switch module.
This product includes a variety of switches for use with motor control trainers via patch cords. Switches include: a limit switch, float switch, proximity switch, pressure switch, photoelectric switch, as well as control and time delay relays. All switch wiring is routed to banana jack connections on the control box.
 #419 Motor loading device.
This device consists of a industrial electric brake with rheostat control and controls for an optional brake/clutch accessory.

#425 Motor Control Trainer & #419 Motor Loading Device

DAC #421 Magnetic Starter Trainer

Please contact us regarding detailed specifications, options, pricing and custom applications.

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