AC Variable Speed Drive Trainer, Extended


DAC #429 AC Drives Trainer, Extended

Developed in cooperation with TII Technical Education Systems, this portable, benchtop training system enhances the functionality and usefulness of our #429 AC Drives Trainer by allowing for additional wiring opportunities and fault troubleshooting. As with the basic #429 trainer, it allows for self-paced training in basic AC motors, basic AC drives, drive programming, and control applications.

All I/O and control wiring capabilities of the Allen-Bradley, Model 1305 drive can be accessed using banana jack connections on the front panel face. Additionally, eight fault switches are provided on the back of the electrical enclosure allowing for drive, motor and control wiring troubleshooting. A digital tachometer is provided.

Using the standard DAC #940 Control Module structure, this product can be easily integrated with the DAC #905 Electromechanical Bench, and products relating to PLCs, sensors and piloting switches.

Whether used as a stand-alone training device or in combination with other DAC automation-related training products, this device will help make training in this fundamental technology more informative and productive.


  • Welded tubular aluminum baseplate with t-slotted mounting rail for mounting a 56-frame motor (allows for attachment to the DAC #419 Motor Loading Device).
  • Powder-coated, 16-gauge, steel electrical wiring enclosure and support frame assembly (can be mounted directly on the DAC #905 Electromechanical Bench).
  • Allen-Bradley, Model 1305 Variable Frequency Drive, with Human Interface Module option. (Not shown in photo). (Complete specifications available.)
  • Industrial, 3-phase, inverter-duty, ½ hp. motor.
  • 3-Pole circuit breaker with provision for lock-out/tag-out.
  • Pilot light and emergency stop switch.
  • Safety interlock, de-energizing internal wiring upon removal of front panel face.
  • Silk-screened panel face identifying all components, wiring points and test point locations.
  • Keyed instructor switch (rear of device).
  • Simulated remote operator control panel with pre-wired switches.
  • Twenty-nine banana jack connections for all drive I/O points and control interface connections.
  • Thirty-five tip-jack (test) connections for troubleshooting motor, drive and control wiring.
  • Digital tachometer with magnetic pick-up.
  • Permanent internal ground wiring.
  • Eight instructor fault switches (rear of device).
  • Allows for connection to DAC #464, #428 trainers and within automation arrangements on the #905/#210 Electromechanical Bench.
  • Overall size 19.5" L x 18.5" W x 24.5" H ( 68 lbs., 105 lbs w/packaging).
  • Crating for shipment via motor freight.


  • 208-230 VAC, 3-phase (preferred), 220 VAC, single-phase, or 110 VAC with optional step-up transformer.


  • Instructor guide.
  • Student exercise guide with 15-20 hours of instruction.
  • Quick reference guide.


  • Trainer Familiarization
  • AC Motor and Drive Fundamentals
  • AC Motor Control Using the AB-1305 AC Drive, Including;
  • Linear Acceleration/Deceleration Curves
  • S-Curve Acceleration/Deceleration
  • Accelerate and Coast
  • Skip Frequencies
  • Preset Frequencies
  • Motor Speed as an Output
  • Safety Features
  • Analog Outputs
  • Using DC Inputs
  • Current as an Input
  • Troubleshooting
  • Control Using External Voltage and Current Sources
  • Glossary

DAC #429 AC Drives Trainer, Extended

DAC #429 AC Drives Trainer, Extended

Shown with DAC #464 PLC Trainer

Please contact us regarding detailed specifications, options, pricing and custom applications.

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