AC Variable Speed Drive Trainer


AC Variable Speed Drive Trainer, #429

This bench-top training system allows for a complete study of AC variable frequency drive systems.

The device, coupled with a activity manual and CBT training program,allows for self-paced training in basic AC motors, basic AC drives, drive programming, fault troubleshooting, and control applications.

An Allen-Bradley model 1305 variable frequency drive is the foundation of the system.

This device, with standard accessories and curriculum, represents a complete hands-on and related learning package for this fundamental industrial technology.


  • Designed for table top use.
  • Allen-Bradley model 1305 variable frequency drive. (Complete manufacturer's specifications available.)
  • Steel mounting board with silkscreened stainless steel face.
  • Motor, pump, control board, and I/O panel with banana jack receptacles.
  • Operates on 115 or 220 VAC circuits (single or three-phase).
  • Disconnect box with provision for lock-out/tag-out.
  • Operates with PLCs for PID loop control.
  • Overall size 22" L x 16" W x 22" H (50 lbs.).

Please contact us regarding detailed specifications, options, pricing and custom applications.

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