Educational Robot, SCARA, 4-Axis


DAC #437 Educational Robot, SCARA

This economical, yet fully functional, industrial-quality, 4-axis robot is ideal for training and research in many educational applications.

With a payload lifting capacity of up to 5.5 pounds (2.5Kg.), and a tip speed of 8 in./sec. (0.2 meter/sec.), its performance and abilities approach that of industrial devices. A pneumatic, vacuum or stepper motor gripper can be provided. An electric gripper is standard.

The PC-based controller uses PID control algorithms and can support two additional axes excluding the gripper. Programming is done using specially developed, PC-based, Robot Programming Language, or using C for low level modules.

Teaching can be achieved through off-line programming, joint space programming and coordinate space programming. The device is capable of point-to-point and continuous path movements.

Whether used as a stand-alone training device, or in combination with other DAC automation-related training products in a complete manufacturing system, this device will help make training in this fundamental industrial technology more informative, productive and realistic.


  • Payload of 5.5 pounds (2.5Kg.).
  • Tip speed of 8 in./sec. (0.2 meters/sec.).
  • 4-Axes of motion.
  • Reach; Link 1, 11.8" (300mm), Link2, 11.8" (300mm).
  • Vertical height clearance 10" (250mm), without controller box.
  • Three DC servo gear motors (12VDC) for joint actuation.
  • Mechanical transmission via spur gear drives with pre-tensioned timing belts.
  • Position feedback via optical encoders.
  • Option of pneumatic vacuum or electrical gripper. Electrical gripper is standard.
  • Range of motion; Joint 1, 270 degrees, Joint 2, 240 degrees, Joint 3, 150mm, Joint 4, 360 degrees.
  • PC-based controller using PID Control algorithms, including support for up to two additional axes (excluding gripper).
  • Controller allows for 16 additional inputs and outputs.
  • Positive and negative proximity end limit sensors and proximity home sensors.
  • Software allows for off-line programming, joint space programming, and coordinate space programming (Capable of running under Windows or DOS operating systems).
  • Uses point-to-point path programming or optional continuous path programming.
  • Communication via PC ISA bus.
  • Safety features including emergency stop switch and limit switches.
  • Can be integrated with other DAC products relating to automated manufacturing, FMS and CIM.
  • Overall space envelope; 26"W x 26"L x 18"H (135 lbs.). (650mm x 650mm x 450mm (61Kg)).


  • 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz.


  • Software.
  • Instruction Manual.
  • Sample Program & Exercise Manual.
  • Reference Manual.


  • Safety.
  • Use / Operating Conditions.
  • System Review / Specifications.
  • SCARA Terminology.
  • Introduction to Robotics.
  • Installation.
  • SCARA Systems and Applications.
  • Software Operation.
  • Programming.
  • Sample Programs.


437-001 Gripper, servo-controlled, parallel jaw-type.
437-002 Gripper, vacuum-type.
437-003 Gripper, pneumatic-type.
437-004 Virtualy reality simulation software.
050-T20 Video titled, "Robotics Explained" (Delmar/Thomson Learning).

Please contact us regarding detailed specifications, additional options, pricing and custom applications.

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