Electrical Troubleshooting Trainer


#440 Electrical Toubleshooting Trainer, Photo 1

#440 Electrical Troubleshooting Trainer, Photo 2 

This unique, multi-functional product allows for in-depth, hands-on training in industrial motor control wiring, operation and troubleshooting.

The device, coupled with a comprehensive student manual, creates a complete, self-paced learning system. True performance-based testing is provided through the use of forty fault switches and a built in testing timer. The student's proficiency is established by the number of faults uncovered within a given period of time.

All learning activities reflect realistic industrial and commercial applications. These applications are simulated through a broad range of industrial quality, panel-mounted components.

This training system provides for complete, realistic course in motor control, within a economical and space-saving package. Useful within industrial training programs or in the educational setting, this product will help make this fundamental part of electrical maintenance training more memorable and effective.


  • Space-saving, tabletop-mounted, cabinet.
  • Primary 115 VAC and 24 volt circuit protection.
  • Operates at 24 VAC for safety.
  • Internal, fast-acting overload and short circuit protection.
  • Silkscreened component nomenclature and circuit symbols on panel face.
  • (82) Banana jack receptacle for creating circuits.
  • (6) Heavy-duty 24 volt pilot lights.
  • (8) Heavy-duty, oil-tight push buttons.
  • (2) Selector switches, one two-position and one three-position.
  • (2) 3 PDT, 24 volt control circuit relays (Mounted behind acrylic windows in panel face).
  • Time delay relay, adjustable from 1 to 10 seconds.
  • (2) Motor starter relays (Mounted behind panel face).
  • Specially-designed, 1200 rpm, permanent split capacitor, reversing motor with patterned disc, allowing for viewing of directional change and speed variation.
  • (40) 3-Position fault switches, mounted on the rear panel and allowing for troubleshooting and testing (Allows for the creation of 77 faults, individually or in combination).
  • Instructor troubleshooting timer.
  • Overall size of 20"W x 19"D x 15"H (48 Lbs.)
  • Packaging for shipment via UPS or motor freight.

Please contact us regarding detailed specifications, options, pricing and custom applications.

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