PLC Trainer, Fundamentals


#461 PLC Trainer, Fundamentals

A complete suitcase-mounted training system, introducing the student to the operation, programming and troubleshooting of modern industrial programmable logic controllers.

A complete curriculum is provided incorporating 22 learning activities related to basic wiring, circuit creation, ladder logic programming and troubleshooting. Many activities reflect realistic industrial applications.

A hand-held programming pendant, input/output devices and a wiring kit are provided, making the device complete and ready for use without the need for additional accessories.

This product, together with its associated student manual and instructor guide, creates a complete introductory course in PLCs, for industrial training applications as well as in the educational setting.


  • Durable polyethylene storage case with lock.
  • Allen Bradley SLC-100 controller (other PLC models are available).
  • Brushed stainless steel mounting panel, with silkscreened component identification.
  • Power supply (24VDC) with ground and fuse.
  • 8 Lighted switches (4 momentary and 4 maintain switches, 2 normally open and 2 normally closed).
  • Banana-jack receptacles for the above switches (with protection) and for 10 PLC inputs and 6 PLC outputs
  • Programming pendant with PLC connector.
  • One EEPROM memory module, allowing student programs to be saved.
  • Provision for removing the panel from the case for tabletop mounting or to allow integration into CIM applications.
  • Standard Allen-Bradley product features (complete specifications can be provided).
  • Allows for attachment to external devices.
  • Can be combined with other DAC devices relating to industrial sensors and pneumatic robots.
  • Overall size of 19"W x 23"L x 8"H (35lbs).

Please contact us regarding detailed specifications, options, pricing and custom applications.

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