DAC #424 Motor Control Trainer

  #464 PLC Trainer, Extended 

DAC Electrical Maintenance Training Products allow for realistic exercises relating to basic industrial electrical skills. Each device includes full-size, industrial electrical and control components. In many cases the devices include a related textbook, a course guide and illustrated exercises, providing a step-by-step guide to a common wiring or troubleshooting activity. For more information on our training "System" visit the "Training System" area of our site. For more information on our related textbooks visit the "Books" area of our site. Need more information on DAC training-related services, in general? Please visit our Home Page.

 Please review our individual products and view associated photographs.

#401 Electricity/Electronics Trainer, Fundamentals
#402 Residential Wiring Trainer
#403 Digital Electronics Trainer
#410-417 Motor Fundamentals Training System
#420-428 Motor Control Training System
#429 AC Variable Speed Drive Trainer
#429E AC Variable Speed Drive Trainer, Extended
#431 Sensors Trainer, Fundamentals
#435 Educational Robot, Articulated, 6-Axis
#437 Educational Robot, SCARA, 4-Axis
#440 Electrical Troubleshooting Trainer
#461 PLC Trainer, Fundamentals
#462 PLC Trainer, Advanced
#463 PLC Trainer, SLC-500
#464 PLC Trainer, Extended
#470 Modular CIM System
#471 Material Handling Application Module
#472 Ancillary Device Application Module
#473 Process Control Application Module
#490 Electrical Generation Fundamentals Trainer
#491 Transformer Connections Trainer

Many DAC Electrical Training Products can be combined together, creating unique working control systems. Using our #905 Electromechanical Bench Products, these same electrical devices can be combined with Mechanical Training Elements to create complete electro-mechanical systems.

Other Product Groups
Instrumentation and Process Control
Fluid Power

DAC #424,464 and #428 Trainers

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