Hydraulics Trainer, Advanced


Hydraulics Trainer, Advanced, #702

An industrial-grade training system allowing for in-depth instruction in the fundamentals, troubleshooting and repair of common industrial hydraulic systems. The device, through a broad selection of rugged industrial grade components and a proven student manual, facilitates training related to the principles, applications, physical properties and basic maintenance of hydraulic systems.

All commonly used components are permanently mounted and identified on the front panel surface. Removable and optional specialty components can be mounted on a horizontal, t-slotted surface or on a front panel-mounted, t-slotted surface expanding the capabilities of the unit.

All components are full-size and of industrial quality. Connections are made using high-quality hose with check valves with quick-disconnect fittings. The device can be provided with a hydraulic supply system and a mobile base cabinet.

In general, this proven training tool can support training in a wide variety of hydraulics-related applications and will help create measurable skills in both the industrial training and educational settings.


  • Formed sheet steel cabinet with locking compartment.
  • 16-Gauge, chrome plated/brushed steel, front panel face.
  • Aluminum, t-slotted horizontal mounting surface.
  • Aluminum, t-slotted panel face mounting pad.
  • Component drawer.
  • Instrument panel components including: system pressure gage, (2) in-line pressure gages (glycerin bath dampened), 4-port pressure manifold, 4-port return manifold, 24 VDC power supply, and momentary switch with output jacks.
  • Component panel including: 4-way 2-position solenoid directional control valve, relief valve, sequence valve, pressure reducing valve, compensated flow control valve, un-compensated flow control valve, needle valve, check valve and (2) double-acting cylinders.
  • Identification of panel-mounted components on the panel face.
  • Connecting and accessory components including: 4-way 3-position lever-operated directional control valve, tandem center spool, viscometer, thermometer, flow meter, piloted check valve cartridge, solenoid valve power cord, load spring kit, (2) t-fittings, (2) hose couplings, (8) 29" hydraulic hoses, (4) 48" hydraulic hoses, (2) 72" hydraulic hoses and a 7/8" wrench.
  • Directional control valves removable and dissectible.
  • Interchangeable directional control valve actuators and spools.
  • Ball-check, quick-disconnect fittings throughout.
  • Courseware addressing 42 subject matter areas. Please call for complete list.
  • Allows for integration with other DAC products.
  • Overall size of 34"W x 29"D x 30"H (200 lbs).


702-001 Mobile base cabinet
702-002 Hydraulic pump system, one-gallon
702-003 Hydraulic pump system, five-gallon
702-004 Cabinet connecting shelf
702-005 Cabinet side shelf
702-500 Student manual (additional)
702-501 Instructor manual (additional)
534-000 IPT Industrial Hydraulics Training Manual
534-001 IPT Industrial Hydraulics Handbook
060-701-S Videos, 7-part series relating to basic hydraulics (Coastal)
061-701-S CD-ROMs, 7-part series relating to basic hydraulics (Coastal)
062-701-S Workbooks, 7-part series relating to basic hydraulics (Coastal)
060-702-S Videos, 3-part series relating to industrial hydraulics (Coastal)
061-702-S CD-ROMs, 4-part series relating to Industrial hydraulics (Coastal)
062-702-S Workbooks, 4-part series relating to industrial hydraulics (Coastal)
060-703-S Videos, 2-part series on hydraulic troubleshooting (Coastal)
061-703-S CD-ROMs, 2-part series on hydraulic troubleshooting (Coastal)
062-703-S Workbooks, 2-part series on hydraulic troubleshooting (Coastal)
061-273-10 CD-ROM on hydraulic system inspection (Coastal)
062-273-10 Workbook on hydraulic system inspection (Coastal)
070-3500 Videos, 9-part series on hydraulic systems and components (ITC Learning)

Please contact us regarding detailed specifications, additional options, pricing and custom applications.

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