Pneumatics Trainer, Fundamentals


Pneumatics Trainer, Fundamentals, #751

This self-contained, comprehensive, hands-on training system introduces the student to basic pneumatic components, applications and principles.

The associated curriculum allows for 25-30 hours of instruction in pneumatic technology using 22 industrial-grade components, including valves, cylinders and measuring instruments. Twenty-seven individual learning activities are provided. Course materials can be used in a self-paced or instructor-lead format.

The device includes a compressor, eliminating the need for additional support equipment. All components necessary for experiments are included.

This training workstation, together with its associated student manual and instructor guide creates a complete introduction to pneumatic technology, appropriate for industrial training or educational use.


  • Durable polyethylene storage case with lock.
  • Twenty two, industrial-grade pneumatic components including valves, cylinders and measuring instruments.
  • Air compressor capable of producing 60 PSI, with safety relief valve (Compressor can be disconnected to allow use of an external air supply).
  • Welded steel air storage tank.
  • Regulated, 2-port distribution manifold with shut-off valves.
  • Steel-reinforced experiment station, including an aluminum t-slot mounting surface and component mounting brackets (lower panel).
  • Component panel with provision for mounting loose components and incorporating silkscreened nomenclature and component silhouettes.
  • Provision for removing panels, allowing for tabletop use.
  • Brass, quick-disconnect fittings throughout.
  • Many components are clear allowing for observation of internal design.
  • Can be combined with other DAC training aids relating to pneumatic robots.
  • Overall size 15"W x 20"L x 8"H (30lbs.).

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