Combined Mechanical Trainer


Belt Training Module

Shaft Alignment Module

Chain Drive Training Module

Gear Drive & Bearing Maintenance Training Module

This economical, yet comprehensive, package of mechanical training equipment combines the best features of five proven DAC mechanical maintenance training products, in one hands-on workstation. The system allows the student to progress through the full range of common mechanical skills using one comprehensive training system.

The primary training components from DAC trainers relating to Belt Drives, Chain Drives, Gear Drives, Industrial Bearings and Shaft Alignment are combined in one economical package. See individual product descriptions for additional information on individual training modules.

The standard configuration includes one, heavy-gauge steel baseplate, accommodating all training elements. An optional baseplate/component package can be provided, allowing for the use of two training elements simultaneously. Further, a steel bench can be provided for convenient mounting of baseplates, and storage of components. Storage containers are provided for training equipment, when not in use.

This economical training package can easily be implemented in the industrial training or technical education environment.


  • 7-Gauge, steel modular baseplate allowing mounting of all training elements.
  • Belt Drive Training Package, including all training elements (driver, adjustable base), all belt and sheave components, specialized tools, and standard accessories as outlined under product #201.
  • Gear Maintenance Training Package, including modular gearbox (also used as the driven element in belt and chain modules, and as the fixed unit in shaft alignment), with bevel gear adapter assembly, all gears and bearings, specialized tools, and standard accessories as outlined under product #205.
  • Coupling/Shaft Alignment Package, including motor mounting pads, jacking bars, specialized tools, and standard accessories as outlined under product #208D.
  • Coupling Package including one elastomeric element coupling, one steel grid coupling and one chain-type coupling, as outlined in the option list for product #208D.
  • Chain Drive Maintenance Package, including chain, sprockets, links, specialized tools, and standard accessories as outlined under product #223.
  • Bearing Maintenance Package, including four stub shafts, two shaft mounting brackets, bearings, seals, specialized tools, and standard accessories as outlined under product #204.
  • Supplemental tool kit including additional fasteners, and commonly used wrenches required for individual training elements.
  • Six locking plastic storage boxes allowing for storage of loose components when not in use.
  • Use/Exercise Guides for all applicable products.
  • IPT Industrial Trades Training Manual.
  • Crating for shipment via motor freight.

Standard Baseplate with Various Options

Optional Equipment


  • Additional baseplate and component packages, creating two workstations and allowing for simultaneous use.
  • Benches, allowing for mounting of 1, 2, or 4 workstations.
  • Motorization options including Power Module, Brake/Clutch Package, Load Device Package and Motors.
  • Expanded Belt, Chain and Coupling Sets.
  • Specialized tool packages for alignment, as well as belt, gear and bearing maintenance.
  • Complementary videos and textbooks.

Please contact us regarding detailed specifications, a complete list of options, pricing and custom applications.

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