Fan Balancing Demonstrator


Fan Balancing Demonstrator, #202

This unique, versatile, precision, assembly allows for convenient demonstration and training in fan balancing and other vibration analysis-related topics.

Based on the design of a typical centrifugal fan, this heavy-duty aluminum device allows for assembly in a variety of configurations, creating a broad range of balancing scenarios.

Movable pillow block assemblies, provision for even or odd number blade configurations, and multiple weight locations, combine to create a challenging and realistic training tool.

Available from stock, this device can help make training in field balancing and basic vibration analysis more productive, challenging, realistic, and professional.


  • Aluminum baseplate/bearing pedestal assembly (18" x 27" ).
  • Total weight of 90 lbs., excluding packaging.
  • Aluminum fan/rotor assembly, 12" x 10" long.
  • Provision for 5 or 10 blade fan configuration (removable blades).
  • Provision for attachment of weights at 60 locations, creating an infinite number of balancing tests.
  • Provision for attachment of trial weights on rotors or blades.
  • ¼ HP, 110V motor with key-lock switch.
  • Aluminum motor sub-base with provision for jacking and belt tensioning.
  • Three aluminum bearing mounting block assemblies with ¼ - 28 holes throughout, allowing for attachment of vibration pick-ups in axial and radial positions.
  • Acrylic, stylized fan housing/guard with access door, allowing for convenient attachment of weights.
  • Sheaves, belts, and shafting.
  • Belt and sheave guard.
  • High-durability, powder-coated surfaces throughout.
  • Packaging for shipment via motor freight.

Please contact us regarding detailed specifications, options, pricing and custom applications.

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