Vibration Analysis Demonstrator


Vibration Analysis Demonstrator, #203

A versatile, precision machined, assembly for the simulation of the causes and effects of vibration in rotating machinery.

Compatible with all common vibration analysis diagnostic equipment, this device allows for the isolation of individual, vibration causing variables to better distinguish the vibration signatures of those variables.

The basic device includes a permanent magnet motor, high-accuracy variable speed control, and RPM feedback.

A system of indexing pins and CNC machined pillow blocks allows for convenient reconfiguration to reflect a multitude of alignment, balancing, and mechanical fault scenarios.

Useful in the classroom, training lab, or research environment, this device helps make training in vibration analysis more convenient, effective, and productive.


  • ¼ HP, 90VDC permanent magnet motor with high accuracy, variable speed control.
  • Digital RPM indicator incorporating a magnetic pick-up.
  • Heavy-duty, aluminum baseplate with adjustable feet.
  • Precision machined, pillow block assembly with three individual split pillow blocks allowing for easy rotor reconfiguration while maintaining a consistent shaft centerline position.
  • Two, precision machined rotors, allowing for single plane, dual plane, and overhung balancing conditions. Rotor balance easily changed via screws and washers, or clay on the inner rim.
  • Three Lengths of ½ ground shafting allowing for a variety of rotor configurations.
  • Precision flexible disk coupling.
  • Provision for attachment of vibration pick-ups via ¼ - 28 studs throughout.
  • Steel baseplate mounting strips for attachment of dial indicators, guards, and accessories.
  • Instructor keyed lock-out.
  • Motor mounting sub-base allowing for convenient return to alignment via taper pins.
  • Motor sub-base jacking bolts.
  • High-durability urethane coatings throughout.
  • Modular polycarbonate guards.
  • Crating for shipment via UPS or motor freight.
  • Total weight of 65 lbs. excluding packaging.

Please contact us regarding detailed specifications, options, pricing and custom applications.

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