Vibration Analysis Demonstrator, Downsized


Vibration Analysis Demonstrator, Downsized

This economical variation or our standard Vibration Analysis Demonstrator, #203, offers many opportunities to study machine vibration cause and effect, as well as providing a realistic environment for training in precision shaft alignment.

Compatible with all common vibration analysis diagnostic equipment and shaft alignment systems, this device allows for the isolation of individual, vibration causing variables to better distinguish the vibration signatures of those variables. The device can be easily used to study the effect of imbalance, stiffness, misalignment, mechanical looseness, critical speed, resonance, soft foot, beating faults, sensor installation and other common rotating equipment problems.

The basic device includes a permanent magnet motor and a high accuracy variable speed control. CNC-machined, interchangeable, pillow blocks allows for convenient and accurate reconfiguration to create different rotor arrangements.

Useful in the classroom, training lab, maintenance department, or research environment, this device helps make training in vibration analysis and alignment more realistic, convenient, effective and productive.

The device is accompanied by the #203 Course/Use Exercise Guide, which addresses introductory training in vibration cause/effect, balancing and data collection.


  • 1/4 HP, 90V DC permanent magnet motor with high accuracy, variable speed control.
  • Heavy-duty, aluminum channel baseplate, re-machined for flatness.
  • Two, precision-machined pillow blocks allowing for easy rotor reconfiguration while maintaining a consistent shaft centerline position. Set screws allow for positive locking of bearings. Ten shaft span positions are possible. Shaft centerline height allows for use of all common shaft alignment hardware.
  • Two precision-machined 6" diameter rotors, allowing for single plane, dual plane and overhung balancing conditions. Rotor balance easily changed via screws and washers, or clay on the inner rim. Twenty tapped holes for addition of weights, provided on each rotor.
  • Enlarged motor sub-base, allowing for convenient alignment moves and the use of standard shims.
  • Four, motor sub-base jacking bolts and plates. (Also allows for attachment of magnetic base/dial indicator set to the baseplate.)
  • ½" ground shafting allowing for a variety of rotor configurations.
  • Precision, helical beam coupling. (Other varieties available.)
  • Provision for attachment of vibration pick-ups via 1/4-28 studs.
  • Instructor, key-lock switch.
  • High-durability urethane coatings and powder-coated components throughout.
  • One piece, impact-resistant guard.
  • Provision for mounting motor support feet and bearing blocks on the DAC #905 Electromechanical Bench.
  • Crating for shipment via motor freight.
  • Overall size of 28-1/2"L x 10"W x 16"H (54 lbs.)


  • Hex key set.
  • Combination wrench.
  • Weight/washer set.
  • Two plastic replacement bearings allowing for bearing fault demonstration.
  • Clay.
  • Vibration isolating feet.
  • Balancing phase target.
  • Shim stock for loose bearing demonstration.
  • IPT Rotating Equipment Training Manual (see product 570-MAN).
  • Course titled "Introduction To Vibration Analysis", with 10 hands-on experiments.


We offer a wide range of optional equipment to expand the capabilities of your vibration analysis demonstrator. Please call us for complete details and current pricing.

203-003 Vibration meter, Vel., Disp., Accel. (Balmac).
203-007 Reference book on vibration analysis (Wowk).
203-010 Bearing fault kit (four faulted bearings).
203-011 Eccentric/cocked rotor kit (two rotors w/re-bored holes).
203-012 Resonance demonstration kit (aluminum shaft, steel rotors).
203-013 Replacement bent shaft kit (two ½" dia. shafts with bends).
203-014 Journal bearing kit (two babbit-lined bearing w/adapters).
203-015 Replacement coupling kit (gear, rigid, bonded rubber, elastomeric).
203-016 Replacement, Thomas Flexible Disc Coupling.
203-017 AC variable speed drive option (AC inverter and ½ hp. motor).
203-500 Training/use manual (additional).
570-000 Rotating Equipment Manual (additional).
570-001 IPT Rotating Equipment Handbook.
203-D01 Heavy-duty, foam-lined reusable shipping container.
208-001 Alignment tool kit including dial indicators, shaft clamps, and related alignment tools.
208-002 Shim set, economy (plastic).
208-003 Standard shim kit (10 each of 13 size "A" stainless shims).
208-015 Magnetic base/dial indicator set.
208-008 Video on coupling alignment using the rim and face method (Maintenance Troubleshooting).
060-VBR-1 Video titled, Predictive Maintenance and Machine Vibration (Coastal).
060-VBR-1C CD-ROM titled, Predictive Maintenance and Machine Vibration (Coastal).
060-VBR-2 Video titled, Machine Vibration, Basic Theory (Coastal).
060-VBR-2C CD-ROM titled, Machine Vibration, Basic Theory (Coastal).
060-VBR-3 Video titled, Preparing for Data Collection (Coastal).
060-VBR-3C CD-ROM titled, Preparing for Data Collection (Coastal).
060-VBR Videos, seven-part series relating to vibration analysis (Coastal).
060-VBR-C CD-ROMs, six-part series relating to vibration analysis (Coastal).
Misc. Other custom accessories and mounting brackets are possible. Please contact us with your specific needs.

Please contact us regarding detailed specifications, other options, pricing and custom applications.

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