Vibration Analysis Demonstrator, Extended


Vibraton Analysis Demonstrator, #203E, Photo #2

 Vibration Analysis Demonstrator, #203E, Photo #3

Vibration Analysis Demonstrator, 203E Photo #1

This versatile, precision-machined device, expands upon the capabilities of our #203 Vibration Analysis Demonstrator, creating more in-depth opportunities for demonstration of the causes and effects of vibration in industrial rotating machinery.

The device allows for isolation of individual, vibration causing variables in order to identify their individual signatures. A permanent magnet DC motor with RPM pick-up and display is included. A system of indexing pins and CNC-machined pillow blocks allows for convenient and accurate reconfiguration, while maintaining alignment.

This expanded device includes a jack-shaft allowing for study of belt drives and gear drives. Additionally, a right angle gear box, magnetic brake, and connecting arm/linear slide mechanism is provided, expanding the device's usefulness.

This product, and its associated course/exercise guide, allows for in-depth training in vibration cause/effect, balancing and data collection, with training programs and within the research environment.


  • 1/4 HP, DC permanent magnet motor.
  • SCR speed control.
  • Digital RPM indicator with magnetic pick-up.
  • Heavy-duty, aluminum baseplate weldment with adjustable feet.
  • Two, precision-machined split pillow blocks.
  • Two, precision-machined rotors, allowing for single plane, dual plane and overhung balancing.
  • Jack-shaft assembly with positive drive belts, sheaves, idler and gears.
  • Right angle gear box.
  • Magnetic brake (adjustable).
  • Connecting arm/linear slide assembly.
    Provision for creating rotor imbalance using set screws/washers or clay on rotor rims.
  • Three, ½" diameter, precision-ground shafts of different lengths.
  • Precision, helical-beam coupling.
  • Provision for attachment of vibration pick-ups via 1/4-28 studs.
  • Steel baseplate mounting strips allowing for attachment of accessories, and modular guards.
  • Keyed instructor switch.
  • Motor mounting sub-base with tapered alignment pins, allowing for re-postioning and return to aligned position.
  • Motor jacking bolts.
  • High-durability urethane coatings, and powder-coated surfaces throughout.
  • Modular polycarbonate guards.
  • Overall size of 18"W x 30"L x 11"H (106 lbs.).
  • Crating for shipment via motor freight.


  • Allen wrench set.
  • Combination wrench set.
  • Weight/washer set.
  • Two replacement bearings with plastic races.
  • Clay.
  • Vibration isolating feet.
  • Resonance demonstration kit.
  • Spring/weight demonstration kit.
  • Balancing phase target.
  • Shim stock.
  • IPT Rotating Equipment Manual (textbook).
  • Use/exercise guide.


We offer a wide range of optional equipment to expand the capabilities of your vibration analysis demonstrator. Please call us for complete details and current pricing.

203-003 Vibration meter, Vel., Disp., Accel. (Balmac).
203-007 Reference book on vibration analysis (Wowk).
203-010 Bearing fault kit (four faulted bearings).
203-011 Eccentric/cocked rotor kit (two rotors w/re-bored holes).
203-012 Resonance demonstration kit (aluminum shaft, steel rotors).
203-013 Replacement bent shaft kit (two ½" dia. shafts with bends).
203-D15 Replacement coupling kit (gear, rigid, bonded rubber, elastomeric).
203-016 Replacement, Thomas Flexible Disc Coupling.
203-017 AC variable speed drive option (AC inverter and ½ hp. motor).
203-500 Training/use manual (additional).
570-000 Rotating Equipment Manual (additional).
570-001 IPT Rotating Equipment Handbook.
203-E01 Heavy-duty, foam-lined reusable shipping container.
208-001 Alignment tool kit including dial indicators, shaft clamps, and related alignment tools.
208-002 Shim set, economy (plastic).
208-003 Standard shim kit (10 each of 13 size "A" stainless shims).
208-015 Magnetic base/dial indicator set.
208-008 Video on coupling alignment using the rim and face method (Maintenance Troubleshooting).
060-VBR-1 Video titled, Predictive Maintenance and Machine Vibration (Coastal).
060-VBR-1C CD-ROM titled, Predictive Maintenance and Machine Vibration (Coastal).
060-VBR-2 Video titled, Machine Vibration, Basic Theory (Coastal).
060-VBR-2C CD-ROM titled, Machine Vibration, Basic Theory (Coastal).
060-VBR-3 Video titled, Preparing for Data Collection (Coastal).
060-VBR-3C CD-ROM titled, Preparing for Data Collection (Coastal).
060-VBR Videos, seven-part series relating to vibration analysis (Coastal).
060-VBR-C CD-ROMs, six-part series relating to vibration analysis (Coastal).
Misc. Other custom accessories and mounting brackets are possible. Please contact us with your specific needs.

Please contact us regarding detailed specifications, options, pricing and custom applications.

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