Coupling/Shaft Alignment Trainer


Coupling/Shaft Alignment Trainer, #208

This lightweight, yet stable, fully functional fixture allows for convenient classroom training in precision shaft alignment.

Welded aluminum construction and careful hardware selection combine to create an accurate, durable device for use with all varieties of alignment equipment, including laser alignment systems.

Available for immediate delivery, this teaching aid will make your next training session more productive, realistic, and professional.


  • Heavy-duty, aluminum construction throughout.
  • Overall weight of 45 lbs excluding packaging.
  • Allows for alignment using all common alignment methods.
  • Multiple "motor" positions allow for use of all common couplings including "spacer-type" couplings.
  • Based on a standard centrifugal pump configuration, it has the "look" and "feel" of real equipment.
  • Rigid, heavy-duty construction allows alignment to .001".
  • Requires a minimal number of tools.
  • Movable flanged bearings allow for the variation of angular and parallel misalignment in all directions.
  • All fasteners easily accessible and replaceable.
  • Steel threaded inserts at motor hold-down bolt locations.
  • Replaceable shaft. Bent shafts are easily installed.
  • Uses inexpensive size "A" shims.
  • High-durability urethane coating allows for repeated use and rough handling.
  • Provision for motor adjustment via jacking bolts.
  • All components can be mounted on the DAC Electromechanical Integration Bench, #905.
  • Packaging for shipment via UPS. 

Please contact us regarding detailed specifications, options, pricing and custom applications.

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