Electromechancical Bench Package


Electromechanical Bench Package, 210

Electromechanical Bench Package, #210, Photo #2

This basic package of mechanical maintenance training applications combines some of the most popular DAC training elements in one comprehensive training system.

The foundation of the package is the DAC Electromechanical Bench, #905. Individual training elements related to belt drives, chain drives, couplings and coupling alignment, gears, pillow block bearings/shafting and C-face 110 Volt motors are combined in one interactive system. Each training element can be used individually or can be combined in order to allow for training in teamwork, cross-training, troubleshooting and preventive/predictive maintenance.

A broad variety of options, and additional training elements can be added, allowing for customization to address your unique training needs. These additions can be made over time to match your training schedule and budget.

The system's modular design allows for training to occur in a sequence and format compatible with your training needs, delivery format and student group size. The bench can easily support up to four individual training activities simultaneously, or alternately, used for combined activities.

This comprehensive, yet expandable, package represents a basic introduction to mechanical industrial systems while allowing for expansion into training related to more advanced mechanical equipment, electrical maintenance and automated manufacturing systems.


  • Industrial-grade components throughout.
  • Allows for up to four concurrent training sessions on different apparatus.
  • Allows for expansion based on a broad variety of optional training elements and accessories.
  • Allows for the "bread boarding" of unique electro-mechanical arrangements using user-supplied equipment and 80/20© structural components.


  • Electromechanical Integration Bench. * Includes fastener set, guard, and pillow block/shafting set.
  • Heavy-duty, adjustable castor set.
  • Tool/accessory cabinet (rolls under table).
  • Power module. Allows for attachment of standard bench motor option (905-004) and optional brake/clutch and motor load devices.
  • Motor, C-face, with power module connector and base adapter plate.
  • Belt drive training system. *
  • Chain drive option. *
  • Gear maintenance training system. *
  • Gear maintenance tool kit. *
  • Coupling/Shaft alignment training system. *
  • Coupling alignment tool kit. *
  • Standard shim kit. *
  • Steel grid coupling.
  • Elastomeric element coupling.
  • Jaw and spider coupling.
  • Magnetic base/dial indicator set.
  • Hand tool set, including combination wrench set, screwdriver set, Allen wrench set, soft-faced mallet, combination square, tape measure, level, flat file and tool box.
  • Use/Exercise Guide.
  • Industrial Trades Training Manual.

*See individual product pages for complete details.

Please contact us regarding detailed specifications, options, pricing and custom applications.

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