Reciprocating Compressor Demonstrator


Reciprocating Compressor Demonstrator, #211

This fully-detailed demonstrator depicts a typical double-acting, reciprocating, crosshead-type air compressor.

Patterned after the high pressure side of an Ingersoll-Rand XLE compressor, this device allows for complete instruction in the design, function, and maintenance of this common piece of industrial equipment.

Approximately one third size and weighing only 50 pounds, this replica includes simulated motion and can be completely disassembled.

Through its convenient size, color-coding, full cutaway, and a title block/legend, this device will make your next course in reciprocating compressors more productive, informative, and memorable.


  • Overall size of 19" W x 36" L x 20" H.
  • Overall weight of 50 lbs.
  • 1/3rd Size throughout.
  • Simulated motion using a hand crank.
  • Two fully-detailed inlet unloaders and two channel valves (one of each cut away).
  • Full housing cutaway showing all internal components.
  • Fully detailed and removable oil wiper and stuffing box assemblies.
  • Aluminum working parts.
  • Color-coding throughout.
  • Title block/legend with numbered "call-outs" of equipment features.
  • Crating for shipment via common carrier. 


211-001 Full-size channel valve assembly (6"-8" diameter).
211-002 Narrative course on compressors (Instructor resource).
061-273-3 CD-ROM on air compressor system inspection (Coastal Training).
070-2505 Video on the operation, and maintenance of reciprocating compressors (ITC Learning).
070-4513 Videos, two-part series on reciprocating compressors (ITC Learning).
070-6504 Video, titled, "Troubleshooting Reciprocating Compressors (ITC Learning).

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