Flange Bolt Torquing Fixture Set


Flange Bolt Torquing Fixture Set, #226

This training package includes a complete assortment of fixtures, tools, accessories, and technical data for training in proper torquing using an eight-bolt pattern.

Through the use of a dial-type torque wrench, final torque values resulting from different torquing methods and degrees of control can be compared. Leverage and overtorquing are clearly witnessed.

Provided as a two-station set, this package represents a convenient, flexible, low cost method to develop a complete "hands-on" course in bolt torquing.


  • Two steel torquing fixtures consisting of schedule 40 pipe, a 150 lb. raised face slip-on flange, 150 lb. raised face blind flange, and 3/8" thick mounting plate.
  • Provision for, and hardware for, tabletop mounting.
  • High-durability powder-coated surfaces throughout.
  • Alloy steel, grade B7 studs and nuts.
  • Overall size (each) 14"W x 14"L x 16"H (80 lbs.).
  • Crating for shipment via motor freight.

Please contact us regarding detailed specifications, options, pricing and custom applications.

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