Boiler Tube Maintenance Trainer


Boiler Tube Maintenance Trainer, #240

A heavy-duty fixture for convenient classroom or laboratory training in the removal and installation of tubes in fire tube boilers.

Based on the geometry and materials of a common scotch marine boiler, this device allows for repeated practice in the maintenance of tubes without jeopardizing actual equipment or consuming unnecessary floor space.

Developed in cooperation with experienced boiler repair companies, this device can be supplied with a broad range of specialized "tools of the trade" all chosen based on years of "hands-on" experience.

Available from stock, this device will help make boiler repair training more efficient, productive, and professional.


  • Heavy-duty steel construction throughout.
  • Overall size of 24" x 35" x 55" high.
  • (2) ¾" tube sheets with (26) 2- 9/16" penetrations on a 45 degree diagonal pitch of 3.54" and longitudinal interval of 5" (SA 516-70 plate).
  • Representative stay rods.
  • Removable sheet metal cowling to hamper access to area between tube sheets.
  • Heavy-duty support frame with removable legs and provision for floor mounting.

Please contact us regarding detailed specifications, options, pricing and custom applications.

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