Valve Packing Demonstrator


Valve Packing Demonstrator, #250

This detailed replica of a 6" gate valve, with backseat, facilitates training in the proper removal and installation of packing.

A clear acrylic stuffing box allows total visibility of the packing area, both during maintenance activities and after compression. The natural magnification created by the acrylic housing shows "consolidation" and packing pressure against the cavity wall clearly. Water and coloring can be introduced to see migration due to insufficient gland load, improper installation techniques and stem/cavity imperfections.

Ideal for demonstrations in the use of die-formed graphite packing, modern packing materials and live loading, this device helps promote professional maintenance habits and takes the mystery out of the function of packing systems.


  • Patterned after a 6" , 600 lb. Anchor/Darling pressure seal gate valve with backseat.
  • Clear acrylic "bonnet" with 2.255" dia. x 5- 1/8" deep packing chamber.
  • Aluminum simulated valve body and yoke assembly.
  • 1½" diameter aluminum working stem machined to 32 RMS with 2 travel.
  • ¾" "NH" (hose) drain, and lantern ring bleed-off connections.
  • 7-Gauge, formed-steel baseplate with provision for table-top mounting.
  • Aluminum gland and follower.
  • Nylon backseat.
  • Aluminum lantern ring.
  • Packing tool set including, inspection mirror, braided packing, packing pullers, lantern ring pullers, depth scale, coloring, additional primary gaskets, packing cutting mandrel, crocus cloth, pusher/drivers, gloves and toolbox.
  • Overall size of 13-1/2" W x 13-1/2" L x 36" H (40 lbs.).
  • Crating for shipment via motor freight.


250-001 Additional standard, braided, pre-cut packing set.
250-002 Bulk braided packing (12 ft. spool).
250-005 Die-formed graphite packing ring set, with spacer.
250-006 Complete "live loading" package.
250-007 Video on live loading (Chesterton).
060-251-4 Video, titled "Maintaining Shutoff Valves" (Coastal).
061-251-4 CD-ROM, titled "Maintaining Shutoff Valves" (Coastal).
070-4507-1 Video relating to valve packing (ITC Learning).
250-009 Heavy-duty, foam-lined, reusable packing container.
250-010 One-piece replacement gland.
250-011 Standard split spacer for standard packing sets.
250-012 Commercial surface specimen (thumb nail block).
250-013 Dial-type torque wrench, with socket.
532-HBK Reference book, "The Valve Primer" (Stojkov).

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