Process Equipment Cutaway Series


DAC #273-140 Water Pressure Regulator Cutaway

 DAC, #273-230 Bourdon Tube Pressure Guage Cutaway

This range of realistic, sectioned demonstration equipment supplements individual DAC cutaway products relating to pumps, valves, steam traps, valve actuators, hydraulic equipment, and pneumatic equipment, with a special focus on components commonly found in petro-chemical plants, refineries and other similar industrial environments.

Each device includes a formed-steel mounting assembly, allowing for stand-alone display, bench-top mounting, or mounting on DAC Electromechanical Bench and Electromechanical Workstation products.

Through carefully planned sectioning, the complete internal configuration of each device can be seen, while allowing for disassembly, if necessary, for more compete inspection. All primary features have been retained and replacement hardware is provided where appropriate.

This series of cutaways will make courses relating to process technology, industrial maintenance and process operations more realistic and informative.


  • Careful sectioning of actual industrial hardware (common component brands and models chosen).
  • Cleaning, priming, and painting as needed, using a high-durability polyurethane coating.
  • Color coding of component parts, where applicable.
  • Replacement, plated hardware, where applicable.
  • 14-Gauge, formed-steel, powder-coated mounting stands, with component attachment brackets.
  • Provision for mounting on the DAC Electromechanical Integration benches, #905 and #905D.
  • Approximate weight of 10-30 lbs. per device.
  • Packaging for shipment via parcel service or motor freight.


  • #273-110 Pressure Reducing Valve, Process.
  • #273-120 Pressure Reducing Valve, Pilot Operated.
  • #273-130 Back Pressure Regulator, Process.
  • #273-140 Pressure Regulator, Water Service Type.
  • #273-150 Pressure Regulator, Gas Service Type.
  • #273-210 Air Pressure Regulator, Diaphragm Type.
  • #273-215 Air Pressure Regulator, Control Valve Type.
  • #273-220 Air Pressure Regulator, Piston Type.
  • #273-230 Pressure Gauge, Bourdon Tube.
  • #273-240 Air Filter.
  • #273-250 Air Lubricator.
  • #273-260 Air Separator.
  • #273-270 Pressure Gauge, Low Pressure.
  • #273-310 Y-Type Strainer.
  • #273-320 Single Basket Strainer.
  • #273-330 Dual Basket Strainer.
  • #273-410 Diaphragm-type Control Valve, Downsized.
  • #273-415 Hydraulically Operated, Diaphragm Actuated Control Valve.
  • #273-420 Ball Float (Air Venting) Valve.
  • #273-430 Ball Float (Liquid Draining) Valve.
  • #273-440 Solenoid Valve.
  • #273-450 Gage Cock Valve (Level Gage Type)
  • #273-510 Rack and Pinion Pneumatic Valve Actuator.
  • #273-520 Scotch-Yoke Valve Actuator.
  • #273-530 Rotary Valve Actuator.
  • #273-610 Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger.
  • #273-810 Control Valve Positioner.
  • #273-820 Differential Pressure Transmitter.
  • #273-840 I/P (Current to Pressure) Converter.
  • #273-850 Constant-Differential Relay (Air), Control-Type.
  • #273-910 Magnetic Motor Starter.
  • #273-920 AC, 3-Phase, Squirrel-Cage Motor Cutaway.
  • #273-930 AC, Single-Phase, Capacitor-Start Motor Cutaway.
  • #273-940 DC, Permanent Magnet Motor Cutaway.

DAC, #273-430 Ball Float Valve Cutaway (Liquid Draining)

 DAC #273-610 Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger Cutaway


092-001 CD-ROM / CBT training program relating to process plant equipment, systems and control (Systran).
090-051 Video titled "An Introduction to Valves, Actuators, and Control Valves" (VMA).
061-273-S CD-ROM series, 10-part, relating to operator inspection of process equipment including; pneumatic systems, vacuum systems, air compressor systems, fasteners, electrical equipment, motors, mechanical drives, clutches/brakes, lubrication systems and hydraulic systems (Coastal). (All CD-ROMs available individually.)
070-250-S Video series, 13-part, relating to process equipment operations, including; operating practices, pumps, turbines, valves, compressors, heat exchangers, positive displacement pumps, boilers, water chemistry, electrical equipment, demineralizers, vacuum equipment, traps, strainers, and lubrication systems. (ITC Learning) (All tapes available individually.)
MISC. We offer a wide variety of additional video and CD-ROM training products relating to process industry equipment including piping components, valves, compressors, air preparation components, heat exchangers, pumps, boilers, turbines, electrical equipment, strainers, steam traps, vacuum equipment and more. Please call for additional information.
MISC. We would be happy to provide firm pricing for cutaways of other common process equipment types, or specific makes and models of equipment.
MISC. Multiple device and multiple unit discounts available.

Please contact us regarding detailed specifications, additional options, pricing and custom applications.

DAC #273 Cutaway Series

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