Steam Trap Cutaway Assortment


Steam Trap Cutaway Assortment, #274

This four-piece cutaway assortment allows for convenient training in the maintenance, use, and selection of common steam traps.

Through careful cutaways and color coding, the complex internal configuration of these common pieces of process equipment are showcased and more easily understood.

These devices are a logical accessory for courses relating to maintenance of steam systems in a broad variety of industries.


  • Trap types as follows:
    A. Float and thermostatic (mechanical).
    B. Inverted bucket (mechanical).
    C. Thermodynamic (impulse trap).
    D. Thermostatic (bellows-type).
  • Color coding and exterior painting using a high-durability urethane coating.
  • Individual aluminum channel baseplates.
  • Packaging for shipment via UPS.

Please contact us regarding detailed specifications, options, pricing and custom applications.

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