Pump Maintenance Trainer


DAC, #275 Pump Maintenance Trainer

A convenient benchtop device for training in the disassembly, packing, and reassembly of common centrifugal pumps.

Patterned after a standard ANSI pump and including many actual pump components, this trainer also allows for realistic, in-depth instruction in the installation and maintenance of mechanical seals. A clear acrylic backhead provides total visibility of the seal area.

While the configuration of a Griswold, Model 811 pump is standard, many other pump varieties can be supplied.

Portable, yet rugged, this device will make classroom training more informative, effective and productive.


  • Actual Griswold pump (Similar to a Goulds 3196 ST pump).
  • 7-Gauge, formed-steel, powder-coated baseplate with provision for bench mounting.
  • Clear acrylic, standard bore, replacement backhead/stuffing box.
  • Shaft rotation via a handwheel.
  • Allows for all common maintenance procedures including impeller clearance adjustment.
  • Aluminum replacement gland.
  • High-durability urethane coatings throughout.
  • Overall size 13-1/2"W x 12"H x 24"L (80 lbs.).
  • Crating for shipment via motor freight.


275-002 "Big Bore" clear acrylic backhead and gland.
275-003 Replacement gland for mechanical seal retrofit within standard stuffing boxes.
275-004 John Crane, Type-1, mechanical, "non-pusher" seal with elastomer bellows (includes acrylic gland adapter).
275-005 John Crane, Type-8, mechanical "pusher" seal (o-ring type) (includes acrylic gland adapter).
275-007 Durametallic, Type-RO, "pusher" seal with acrylic adapter gland ring.
275-008 Durametallic, Type-X-100, bellows-type cartridge seal.
275-009 "Five Star", Series 84, cartridge seal.
275-010 "Five Star", Series 86, 2-stage, cartridge seal.
275-011 Heavy-duty, foam-lined, reusable packing container.
010-802 Video on centrifugal pump maintenance featuring a Goulds pump (Marshall Productions).
010-804 Video mechanical seal installation (Marshall Productions).
060-275-S Videos, five-part series on centrifugal pump design, operating characteristics, maintenance, disassembly, troubleshooting and assembly (Coastal Training).
061-275-S CD-ROMs, five-part series, as above on centrifugal pumps (Coastal Training).
062-275-S Workbooks, five-part series, as above on centrifugal pumps (Coastal Training).
060-280-S Videos, three-part series on industrial seals and packing (Coastal Training).
061-280-S CD-ROMs, three-part series on industrial seals and packing (Coastal Training).
062-280-S Workbooks, three-part series on industrial seals and packing (Coastal Training).
070-2507-2 Video, relating to pump packing and mechanical seals (ITC Learning).
090-275 Video on maintenance of a Goulds 3196 pump (Goulds).

Please contact us regarding detailed specifications, additional options, pricing and custom applications.

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