Positive Displacement Pump Cutaway


DAC #279 Positive Displacement Pump Cutaway

 DAC #279 Positive Displacement Pump Cutaway, Photo #2

This sectioned, positive-displacement pump allows for convenient classroom or lab training in the operation, construction and maintenance of common metering or "controlled volume" pumps found in industry.

A variety of carefully planned cut way areas and color-coding combine to showcase the internal configuration of the pump. A hand crank is provided allowing for observation of the pump's method of converting rotary motion to reciprocating motion.

All operational components, features, hardware locations and bearings have been retained, allowing for use in maintenance-related training. Most commonly, a Milton Roy, "mRoy" pump is used due to its significant market share and its classic design.

This pump cutaway will make training in pump operation and maintenance more realistic and productive both in the industrial training setting and within technical education programs.

DAC #279 Positive Displacement Pump Cutaway, Photo #3 


  • Sectioning of an actual Milton Roy, mRoy pump (other pump makes and models are possible).
  • Five sectioned areas are provided allowing for viewing of all internal components.
  • Cleaning, priming and painting using a high-durability urethane coating.
  • Color-coding of cutaway surfaces, seal elements, internal mechanical components and exterior surfaces using contrasting colors.
  • Replacement plated hardware.
  • All gaskets, seals and bearings visible.
  • Formed, 7 gauge, steel baseplate.
  • Approximate overall size 12"W x 12"H x 12"L (45 lbs).
  • Crating for shipment via motor freight.


279-001 Heavy-duty, foam-lined, reusable packing container.
070-2507 Video, titled, "Positive Displacement Pumps" (ITC Learning).
070-6503 Video, titled, "Troubleshooting Positive Displacement Pumps" (ITC Learning).

Please contact us regarding detailed specifications, additional options, pricing and custom applications.
Cutaways of positive displacement pumps by other manufacturers are possible.

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