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This unique, multi-use device allows for demonstration and training related to industrial pump sealing systems.

Based on the dimensions of a standard ANSI centrifugal pump and incorporating a clear acrylic seal area, this lightweight demonstrator allows for installation, and testing of a broad variety of mechanical seals and conventional packing systems.

A PVC, representative impeller housing, leak-off taps and provision for vents and drains, allow for introduction of pressurized water to test seals and packing under pressure. Food coloring can be added to allow greater visibility of migration through an improperly packed stuffing box or leaking in a mechanical seal which has been installed incorrectly.

This light-weight, portable, yet realistic training demonstrator will be an excellent addition to any course relating to pump operation, and maintenance.


  • Formed, 7-gauge, steel baseplate with provision for bench-top mounting.
  • Clear acrylic "backhead" and stuffing box, allowing for complete visibility of the seal area, and allowing for installation of many commercially available mechanical seals.
  • PVC, simulated impeller housing with water inlet, vent and drain.
  • Aluminum shaft assembly, incorporating a stainless steel, 1-3/4" shaft sleeve.
  • Aluminum spacer assembly, connecting impeller housing and power-end.
  • Aluminum, simulated power-end, incorporating sleeve bearing and radial ball bearing for pump shaft support.
  • Provision for attaching leak-off tubing or coolant recirculation tubing in the seal area.
  • Quick-disconnect tube fittings at all fill, vent and drain locations.
  • Aluminum lantern ring.
  • Aluminum packing gland.
  • Acrylic replacement packing gland for mechanical seal applications.
  • Handwheel, allowing for shaft rotation.
  • Provision for mounting on the DAC, #905 Electromechanical Bench.
  • Overall size of 13-1/2"W x 24"L x 13-1/2"H (57 lbs.).
  • Packaging for shipment via motor freight.


  • Spool of 3/8" braided packing.
  • Food coloring.
  • Two pressure gauges with quick-connect fittings.
  • Hose and air adapter assemblies.
  • Vent and fill valve assemblies.
  • Two additional impeller housing gaskets.
  • Tool kit, including: 6" depth scale; (2) packing pullers, (2) lantern ring pullers, packing pusher/driver, 1-3/4" diameter packing cutting mandrel, (6) pairs of disposable gloves, inspection mirror, crocus cloth and a plastic tool box.


280-002 "Big Bore" clear acrylic backhead and gland.
280-004 John Crane, Type-1, mechanical, "non-pusher" seal with elastomer bellows (includes acrylic gland adapter).
280-005 John Crane, Type-8, mechanical "pusher" seal (o-ring type) (includes acrylic gland adapter).
280-007 Durametallic, Type-RO, "pusher" seal with acrylic adapter gland ring.
280-008 Durametallic, Type-X-100, bellows-type cartridge seal.
280-009 "Five Star", Series 84, cartridge seal.
280-010 "Five Star", Series 86, 2-stage, cartridge seal.
280-011 Heavy-duty, foam-lined, reusable packing container.
010-802 Video on centrifugal pump maintenance featuring a Goulds pump (Marshall Productions).
010-804 Video mechanical seal installation (Marshall Productions).
060-275-S Videos, five-part series on centrifugal pump design, operating characteristics, maintenance, disassembly, troubleshooting and assembly (Coastal Training).
061-275-S CD-ROMs, five-part series, as above on centrifugal pumps (Coastal Training).
062-275-S Workbooks, five-part series, as above on centrifugal pumps (Coastal Training).
060-280-S Videos, three-part series on industrial seals and packing (Coastal Training).
061-280-S CD-ROMs, three-part series on industrial seals and packing (Coastal Training).
062-280-S Workbooks, three-part series on industrial seals and packing (Coastal Training).
070-2507-2 Video, relating to pump packing and mechanical seals (ITC Learning).
090-275 Video on maintenance of a Goulds 3196 pump (Goulds).

Please contact us regarding detailed specifications, additional options, pricing and custom applications.

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