Bearing Sample Board


DAC #855 Bearing Sample Board Photo

This hands-on teaching aid is designed to supplement courses in bearing identification and maintenance. More than simply a "display" board, the product includes magnetic identification tags for bearings supplied, allowing association with the appropriate bearing by the student.

Ten industrial quality bearings types are provided. These bearings include shields/seals of various configurations, allowing for the identification of shield/seal types and association with applicable magnetic tags.

The silkscreened panel face mounts to frame/tray assembly which can be used for other DAC sample boards. The tray allows for storage of components when not in use. The assembly can be mounted on the the DAC Electromechanical Benches, #905 and 905D, or use stand-alone.

This demonstration board will help make any course in industrial bearing selection, use and maintenance more productive and realistic.


  • Powder-coated, silkscreened, 16-gauge, steel mounting panel with provision for mounting 12 bearings.
  • Pre-assembled PVC mounting posts.
  • Ten industrial bearings of different designs and including seals/shields of different types.
  • Powder-coated, steel support frame, with steel storage tray.
  • Engraved bearing identification tags with magnetic backing.
  • Packaging for shipment via UPS.

DAC #855 Bearing Sample Board, Photo #2

DAC #855 Bearing Sample Board, Photo #3

Please contact us regarding detailed specifications, options, pricing and other sample board products.

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