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060-STB-001-005  DC Theory - 5-Part Series

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This 5-part, interactive, CD-ROM series teaches students DC Theory through a practical, comprehensive, systematic approach to the study and application of basic electrical circuits. Activities include inductive troubleshooting, safe circuit operation, and the analysis of electronic components and circuits. While developed for industrial maintenance programs, it can be used as a critical component of any electrical curriculum. Each lesson is designed to provide the knowledge background required to develop a basic understanding of DC Theory. Each lesson has instructional objectives which identify the anticipated learner outcomes associated with the information presented.

 Producer:  Coastal Skills Training / Steel Beach Productions, Inc.
 Time:  Contains Approximately 25 Hours of Training
 Note:  CD-ROMs Can Be Purchased Individually
 Prerequisite:  Basic Mathematics

Part 1

DC Theory Overview
DC electrical theory and electron theory are covered.
  • Ohm's Law
  • Power in electrical circuits
  • Introduction to electrical circuits

Part 2

Series Circuits
Gain an understanding of resistance, current and voltage in series circuits.
  • Current in series circuits
  • Voltage in series circuits
  • Voltage dividers in series circuits
  • Power in series circuits

Part 3

Parallel Circuits
Teach resistance, current and voltage in parallel circuits.
  • Resistance in parallel circuits
  • Current in parallel circuits
  • Current dividers in parallel circuits
  • Power in parallel circuits

Part 4

Combination Circuits
Gain an understanding of resistance, current and voltage in combination circuits.
  • Current in combination circuits
  • Voltage in combination circuits
  • Power in combination circuits

Part 5

Magnetism and Kirchoff's Law
Teach the theory of magnetism and Kirchoff's law. 
  • Polarity and voltage drops
  • Magnetism
  • Electric Generators
  • Superpostion calculations
  • Kirchoff's Law: voltage, current, single source and two-voltage sources
  • Thevenin and Norton's Theorems

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