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060-STB-006-015  Digital Electronics - 5-Part Series

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This 5-part, interactive, CD-ROM series teaches students a basic understanding of digital electronics utilizing highly detailed 3-dimensional graphics and animations. A strong foundation is built in theory, inductive troubleshooting and analysis of electronic components. Developed as an introduction for new electronics technicians, it can be used as a critical component of any electrical curriculum. Each lesson is designed to provide the knowledge and background required to develop a basic understanding of digital electronics. Each lesson has instructional objectives which identify the anticipated learner outcomes associated with the information presented.

 Producer:  Coastal Skills Training / Steel Beach Productions, Inc.
 Time:  Contains Approximately 50 Hours of Training
 Note:  CD-ROMs Can Be Purchased Individually
 Prerequisites:  Basic Mathematics and DC Theory

Part 1

Introduction to Digital Electronics
  • Introduction to boolean algebra
  • Characteristics of logic circuits
  • "AND" logic
  • "OR" logic
  • Buffer and inverter amplifiers
  • "NAND" logic
  • "NOR" logic
  • Exclusive "OR" logic

Part 2

Introduction to Digital Mathematics and Registers
  • Exclusive "NOR" logic
  • Positive and negative logic
  • Kamaugh maps
  • Digital logic circuits and boolean algebra
  • Number systems
  • Mathematics
  • Seven segment displays
  • Keyboard data entry
  • Momentary switch, clock and tone generator

Part 3

Digital Counter Circuits
  • Memory, RS flip-flops and registers
  • Digital security locks
  • D-type latch circuits
  • JK flip-flops
  • Binary arithmetic circuits
  • Clock circuits
  • Debouncing circuits
  • Asynchronous binary counters
  • Integrated circuit counters

Part 4

Encoders & Decoders
  • Synchronous counters
  • Glitches
  • JK flip-flop registers
  • Shift register counters
  • Scanned displays
  • Keyboard data registry
  • Binary capacitors
  • Encoders
  • Decoders

Part 5

Digital Communication and Troubleshooting
  • Measuring propagation time delays
  • IC 7483 4-bit adder
  • Bi-directional data bus
  • Troubleshooting
  • Digital-to-analog converters
  • Analog-to-digital converters
  • PDM data transmission

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